20 Reasons We Took Off

Leaving & Coming Home, Lost Girls RTW Adventure, Planning — By on January 1, 2006 at 1:02 am

Since we’ve started planning this round-the-world journey, we keep getting the same question: Why? We couldn’t come up with one good reason-so we came up with twenty. In no particular order, here are our ulterior motives for going nomad:

1. We’d rather wake up to the roar of the Amazon River than the screeching of an alarm clock.

2. Because fending off a drunken pervert in Central Park hardly constitutes as communing with the locals.

3. Hiking the subway stairs: 14 calories burned. Trekking the Inca Trail: 14,000.

4. We want to ban the phrases “in the loop,” “per our conversation,” and “out of the box” from our daily vocabulary.

5. Aussie’s have walkabouts and Brit’s take a gap year; isn’t it time for Americans to break out their passports and get moving?

6. We’d rather get tan lines from lounging on the beach than worry lines from tackling endless to-do lists.

7. Have you ever seen a fat backpacker?

8. The real Wonders of the World can’t be found on any map.

9. Gazing longingly at your “exotic locales” screensaver hardly compares to watching the sunset over the Serengeti or diving with the wildlife along The Great Barrier Reef.

10. The world is filled with yummy desserts just screaming for a taste test.

11. Because after six years of plugging into cell phones, blackberries and PDAs, we’d rather connect face-to-face with real people.

12. The phrases “burnout,” “multi-tasking” and “quarter-life crisis” don’t exist in most languages.

13. Natural disasters, poverty and illness have left billions in need worldwide. We want to lend three pairs of helping hands.

14. In 90 percent of the countries in the world, wine is cheaper than water.

15. Siestas. ‘Nuf said.

16. The cost of a Starbuck’s latte in the Big Apple will cover a week’s lodging in Laos.

17. ‘Cause we’re suckers for guys with accents.

18. Cramming everything into a single backpack is the fastest way to simplify our lives.

19. As individuals, traveling is our greatest passion. Now that we’ve found our fellow Lost Girls, we’ll never have to go it alone.

20. Sometimes you have to get lost in order to be found.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Pretty darn cool! Three cheers for you gals!

    In my own lost way, I’m trying to find more meaning in my life by learning or exploring something new each day… I’m at http://wanderingsoftheday.wordpress.com/

  • Diane says:

    Great reasons. Wonderful reasons. I’m going to have to use a few to spur myself into getting lost.

  • Stephen Tiano says:

    That’s pretty damned smart of you to realize. Thirty years ago, I thought I had a plan for my life–which result can be summed up by the trite old phrase:
    [Wo]Man plans; God laughs”–and turned out quite differently than I expected.

    Oddly, taking a summer’s break exactly 30 years ago about when you grrrls embarked on your odyssey, I left on a drive across and around the country with a buddy of mine–worried that gas prices were ready to break the 70¢ mark here on Long Island and would we be able to afford to come home.

    I took the life-changing trip, came back, wrote two-and-half bad, unpublishable novels and slowly became the person I’d driven off to avoid becoming. And slowly I learnd to like it … and me.

    Here’s hoping your next–ugh! if you’re not repulsed by what I’ve said so far, this next ought to do it–thirty years crack you up and make you smile as much as mine, unexpectdly, have.

    Steve Tiano

  • Kim says:

    I completely admire you three and I aspire to do what you’ve been doing. I leave for Europe in September and only hope that I can find myself in a group like yours…finding yourselves, lost.

  • Anonymous says:

    All I can say is that I think everything you all did is f-ing cool. Inspiring and like you said, it’s so rare to find a group of friends going together on such a great journey like that.


  • Anonymous says:

    LoVeLy QuoTes LaDies! tHe BesT oNe LiNeRs KeeP Me GoiN…

  • Harini Sridharan says:

    Go girls!! Three cheers to you for embarking on this fun but daunting task, that everyone wishes to do but few will risk doing.

  • risamay says:

    Love this list. I didn’t do anything nearly as drastic, but after the dot-com bust in 2001, I spent 9 months unemployed. Enough time to ponder my next step and take a trip. I decided that art and travel were more important to me than anything else and approached both of my future employers (I’ve had just two full-time “day” jobs since that time) with that information, up front. I was able to negotiate for unlimited unpaid leave in addition to my allotted annual two weeks of paid leave with my first employer. That was wonderful. It allowed me to go on two big trips per year; one in the spring for two to three weeks, and another in the fall for three to four weeks. It was so … humane! Now I work for a different company without as flexible a leave policy. I have 12 paid vacation days and zero flexibility for unpaid leave. For now, that’s fine. I’m making it work because I so love the work, the company, and the people. But eventually I see myself making ends meet as a self-employed photog-artist who travels for a few months, is home for a few months, travels for a few months, is home for a few months, travels … And blogging about my trips, always! Anyway, love your story. Found the blog serendipitously. Cheers and happy travels! http://risamay.blogspot.com

  • ____ says:

    Is this true? “In 90 percent of the countries in the world, wine is cheaper than water.” If it is, I need to start planning now.

    Thanks for the great posts. Cheers!


  • Ozaer Shah says:

    reading these comments and the posts at LG, I am only getting more motivated to do what i want to –travel and see my world around me. I recently returned from Egypt, Jordan, and Dubai—only to realize I miss the trekking, the endless tiring walks around the cities…exploring the neighborhoods. This is motivation enough to get out of the grind as I speak, and slip into something more meaningful…..

  • *Christie* says:

    Ahhhhh I fricken love it!!!!!!!
    Wish I could have tagged along!

  • Aparna says:

    Really great reason to Took Off.

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  • courtney.carr says:

    I love how real you are. I truly get and understand why you left and it is a true inspiration to me to do the same. I traveled for a semester through semester at sea and I really experienced and felt all of your 'reasons' listed above. Bravo to you three, you're an inspiration! You can follow my travels and opinions at http://www.cmcarr.tumblr.com

  • Lala says:

    Envy x 1000!! How do you manage to survive?? (money speaking)

    New York hostels

  • alisha says:

    Have a great trip! I left 8 years ago and haven’t looked back. 🙂

  • Laura J says:

    Haha – Was reading this post and it struck me the only picture you had was of my hometown (well city, but it isn’t that big!), that I lived in for 18 years, before ever travelling internationally. I always find it amusing in travel that everywhere I visit and find exciting and adventurous, or beautiful, is simply home, and therefore not usually terribly exciting, to the people who live there!

  • auntie says:

    The year 1972, with an H-frame backpack made of cotton duckcloth(not water proof), I spent 9months with a euro-rail pass seeing Europe. I’m so glad you all had the wonderlust & chutzpa do do this. xoxox

  • irma says:

    Great desicion you made, one day I will do the same, and really do what I want. Tulum is my first stop in my great trip.

  • Bel says:

    FINALLY… someone gets it! Enjoy ladies, Godspeed and be safe. Do you need a photographer? 😉

  • Shira says:

    What an amazing adventure You ladies are so inspiring! I’m finally starting to travel and it is addictive and empowering. Next stop is Guatemala to tidy up my Spanish, live with a local family and volunteer. Thanks for the motivation. Cheers!

  • Kristi Sudo says:

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  • intercâmbio says:

    great reason to travel to the world!

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