Crash and Burn

Quitting & Career Management, Staying Connected — By on March 6, 2006 at 4:31 pm

Clearly, we’re not the only quarterlifers experiencing that burned out feeling. Washington Post columnist Mary Ellen Slayter writes about setting limits on IMing, iPod listening and happy hours in order to keep yourself from feeling over stimulated…and blowing a chip or two as you reach multi-tasking capacity. It’s an interesting concept, but we suspect that the underlying problem probably isn’t one too many nights sipping Amstels with your friends. In our humble LG opinion, the blame lies with bosses who send more than a few assignments via their CrackBerries at 8:00pm, and industries where Saturday and Sunday are just two more days in the workweek.

In the piece, executive coach Mike Staver opines, “There’s no real correlation between hours spent doing something and burnout because it isn’t just about activity.” Huh? Wha? Anyone who has worked ’til 3:00am preparing a presentation, or missed a special occasion because the client wants that redesign, like *yesterday* knows: insane hours are a very real and totally justified reason for snapping. We’d hide under the covers and sulk–if only we had the time.

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