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The Lost Girls took a big step towards hitting the road: We quit our jobs. What was my experience leaving my gig as an editor at a national women’s magazine, you ask? Well, it was scary (I’ll sure miss those steady paychecks), sad (call me lucky, but I love my boss and actually look forward to going to work each day-if only the hours started at noon:)), and a huge relief (I don’t like keeping secrets). But the biggest thing I felt was excitement, because it made our year-long global trek seem all the more real.

I have no idea what we’ll discover during our great adventure, but I do know this: Life goes by fast, and it’s as big as you want to make it. Besides, I couldn’t let fear of the unknown keep me from taking the chance of a lifetime-going on the ultimate girlfriends’ getaway.

The Lost Girls knew they were kindred spirits during our very first trip together to Buenos Aires in February 2005. There’s nothing like traveling with your friends to blow off steam and give you a fresh perspective on what matters most, such as:

Enjoying life’s little pleasures. We couldn’t resist eating dulce de leche (carmalized milk) after a night at the bars. When it comes to sweet stuff, we have no shame: This is us trying to open a can of the Argentinean dessert with a knife, since our hotel room didn’t come equipped with a can opener.

Communing with the locals. These guys were waiters at the hotel where we stayed, the Alvear Palace. They insisted on taking us out on the town, Argentinean style. We were wined and dined, and even scored personal Latin dance lessons. Talk about getting an authentic taste of the culture!

Exploring nature. After living in the concrete jungle (aka New York City), nothing revived us like hiking to Iguazu Falls. Taller than Niagra Falls and twice as wide, we flew to the border of Argentina and Brazil to experience the great outdoors (and spied more than our fair share of Europeans in Speedos).

The Lost Girls have lots more good times to look forward to right at home before embarking for Peru on June 20th. Namely, throwing an unforgettable bon voyage party to kiss our friends and family goodbye. Stay tuned for how we’ll plan the send-off in style.

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  • Lori says:

    I just wanted to say that you guys are giving me the courage to move forward with my decision to quit my job and travel. On April 3rd, I’m going to be leaving the life I’ve built for myself in New York for the past 6 years, leave my job, my apartment – and explore South America for 5 months. I’m excited, but terrified, but reading your book (and now your blog, because I haven’t had my fill!) is easing a lot of my worries knowing that you did it and had such an amazing experience. So thank you 🙂

  • Mary Duffy says:

    Your Blog’s RSS feed doesn’t work in my browser (opera) how could I resolve it?