The Frugal Grand Tour

Finances & Savings, Lost Boys, Websites and Blogs — By on May 22, 2006 at 1:23 am

Just when we thought we were quite original, its seems we’re not the only New Yorkers with the fabulous idea to ditch the city and take a whirlwhind tour of the planet: Travel writer Matt Gross has just departed for a 90-day, round-the-world expedition and blogging about his experiences for the venerable New York Times website. The ironic part? The blog is called The Frugal Traveler, yet he’s got a distinctly non-spartan budget of $150 per day for lodging and food alone.

While we’ll be attempting to make the trip on a just a schmee less (um, like $15-$20 per day), it should be interesting to see what kinds of NYT-sanctioned trouble Matt gets into during his journey. Rock on, Lost Boy!

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