A Lost…Boy?!

Lost Boys — By on May 19, 2006 at 2:29 am

A few days ago, The Lost Girls blog received its first post from a total stranger…pretty sweet. Since the original message was lost due to technical difficulties (Amanda isn’t so much good at the computer stuff), we’d thought we’d post it right here:

“Lost girl in all of us…Well, except for I’m not a girl. However, in 2.5 weeks I embark on my own round-the-world journey. Until recently I was the Western Regional Manager for the beloved Grand Canyon Railway. But as I worked my way through my twenties I decided there’s more to be done. So now at the tender age of 28, I quit my promising job to experience an even more promising world. May 25, 2006 I leave. China, Thailand (and Southeast Asia), India, Europe, Australia, and any other adventure that may soon cross my path. I’m excited and full of life… and inspired to find others doing the same. Lost Girls Forever…and at least one boy. Cheers. I’m at travelind.blogspot.com. (A brand new blogger)
All the best.” –Travelin’d

Check out the man’s site if you’ve got time. Any guy who loves a Lost Girl is o-kay in our blog.

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  • Travelin' D says:

    Hey a big “What Up” from the Lost Boy. What a pleasant surprise to hear from you Amanda? And I can’t believe you were at the Canyon when you posted! (Congrats to you and your dad by the way!)
    I am currently one day away from Portland, and three days away from a plane to Hong Kong, where my adventure begins. I’d be happy to cross link websites (assuming I can figure out how). Do stay in touch, I’d love to hear how things are going.
    Although I learned tonight that while you can post on blogspot in China, you can not access blogspot… so the first month may be a bit spotty.