Hair Dryer Rehab

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While tossing a blow dryer into our backpacks was tempting, we realized we had to simplify our hair care routine to lighten our load. This called for expert advice, so The Lost Girls consulted Alain Pinon, master stylist and co-owner of A-K-S salon in New York City, and Kathleen Flynn, author of Beyond Blonde, for travel style tips.

Don’t forget your sunscreen We know, it’s hard to conceive living without beauty helpers like mousse, gel and hairspray. But you can swap those bulky bottles for sunscreen-really! Sunscreen that contains ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil protects hair and adds shine without making it greasy (other ingredients like alcohol counteract the slickness). Bonus: You’ll beat the frizzies because oil saturates hair strands so it can’t absorb more moisture.

All about accessories Use your imagination to add style and nobody will notice you haven’t showered in three days (unless you forgot to pack deodorant, that is). The scarf you tossed in your bag for a belt can morph into a headband. Those sparkly earrings can be secured to a section of hair when it’s in a ponytail to add funky details for a night on the town.

Pack products that multitask Every item precious enough to make the packing cut should earn its keep by doing double-duty. Opt for products that’ll minimize the amount of beauty supplies you’ll need to tote. Holly swears by Phyto Plage Moisturizing Hair and Body Wash (who wants to carry around a slippery bar of soap?). Another good bet is leave-in conditioner: It moisturizes your hair and eliminates the need for gel or mousse since it smooths flyaways.


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  • Guru Panguji says:

    Hahaha!! Hilarious and informative ;-)! Have to give this tip to my sis.

  • Evolution of gina says:

    Ooh! Ooh! I do! I do!

    Okay! I told Amanda about the alcohol-drenched cotton balls in a resealable bag.

    My other thing! Olive oil! Heck, it doesn’t even have to be extra virgin or anything! Good on the face, replaces lotion anyhwere, and good moisturizer after bathing or showering! Rub it down with the water and you may not even need a towel except to wipe up the excess the first few times you do it.

    I hear it’s the secret to smooth skin well after you are not supposed to have it. Want proof? Take a look at my blog. The current pic of me behind the logo? That’s when I was 39…about a year ago.

    One other thing. Mini-sized spritz bottles are my traveling friend.

  • Shauna says:

    yup, I’m with Gina on the olive oil. You can buy it anywhere and it’s a great smoother. Just go easy on it, I’ve ended up looking like I need another shower!

    Also a big fan of the scarves. It keeps the sun off my hair so it doesn’t lighten and it’s a funky gypsy look. I wrap my hair in a low bun to let it dry for a day of sight-seeing and then at night, I shake out the curls and smooth it with olive oil.

    I’m one of those girls that gets a major frizzball if I do nothing, while I covet those smooth tresses on the other bellas air drying their hair. It CAN be done tough! I refuse to pack tools 🙂

  • i use a Revlon RV408 hair dryer for myself and i like it better than Conair.~;

  • Flow Meter says:

    when using hair dryers, it would be better to use those low wattage types because they are not very damaging to the hair ::~