Last Night a T-Shirt Saved My Life

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Okay, not to be too melodramatic, but I really have been waking up in cold sweats, panicked about the final “packing of the backpack.” It’s not just that the girls and I have to prepare for weather that ranges from 32 degrees F (Inca Trail Hike) to 90 degrees (Rio), but that my on-the-road wardrobe has to be small, lightweight, quick-drying (damp cotton clothes = mega stinky) and actually look cute when worn for the 5th day running. That’s not a Fodor’s Guidebook rule, that’s a Lost Girls rule. We may rough it here and there, but we’re not actually trying to look rough.

This week, I’ve been dropping hard-saved cash right on travel necessities (14-in-1 camping soap! camcorder case! mini rolls of travel Charmin!) but had yet to find actual clothes that I could see myself wearing at full moon parties, drinks with the girls and nature hikes alike. I meandered in to Banana Republic on a whim (this was the company, after all, that used to sell safari gear back in the early 90s) and end up finding two different tops that were pretty much perfect for what we’re doing. Woo-hoo!

While they’re two totally different styles, both the t-shirt and tank top shown here are made of a medium weight, super durable microfiber blend, something akin to the matte dance leotards I used to wear as a kid.

Light enough to keep me cool, thick enough to avoid showing, um, nippage and sturdy enough to stand up to several wash-and-wearings, these might just be my favorite new shirts. Count on seeing me wear them (in one of four colors!) in many photos to come.

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    Bon Voyage Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m wishing you all safe and prosperous journeys as you travel through the mysterious wonders of the world…..

    I look forward to hearing more!

    All my love,