Passport to the World

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Ever since Holly’s wallet got pick-pocketed in a Starbucks in Times Square during a Lost Girls’ planning session, she’s been toting her passport around in lieu of a driver’s license. Even in the intercultural Big Apple, bouncers’ gasp in surprise at seeing the notorious travel document presented as proof of age.

And while The Lost Girls are happy to hear the number of Americans’ holding passports is a record 21 percent, according to the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, we’re hoping the other 79 percent join the traveling club.

Need incentive? Flip through Lonely Planet’s “Don’t Let the World Pass You By! 52 Reasons to Have a Passport.” Our favorite motives to get that little blue book:

Reason #7: It’s Not Such Risky Business
While our family and friends have been amazingly supportive of our big adventure, it seems we hear more warnings the closer we come to our departure date. (Bird flu! Kidnappings! Weird food made from dog meat!)
This book helped us put things in perspective by pointing out that the U.S. has the most violent crimes per capita of any developed nation and is reportedly home to over 75 percent of the world’s serial killers (maybe we’ll be safer in New Zealand!). Moreover, the greatest danger abroad is the same as at home: traffic accidents.

Reason #10: Get More Bang for Your Buck
If you divide the cost of a passport over it’s 10-year lifespan, it’s a measly three cents a day. What does this get you? Well, if you opt to vacation in Morocco over San Francisco, you can trade the cost of a $20 taxi ride for a $2 camel ride. Or treat yourself to a three-course meal in Peru rather than New York City, and you’ll fork over $2 instead of $75. Even if an international flight’s price tag is higher than a domestic ticket, the money you’ll save once you land in your exotic locale is apt to counterbalance your vacation budget.

Reason #26: Stay Awake in Class
Sure, you could read up on Shintoism in Japan-or fly there to visit a temple and experience the religion for yourself. Want to speak Spanish? You’ll pick it up a lot faster by conversing with locals in Argentina than listening to lessons on your iPod. Or discover how to cook Italian style: Attending culinary school in Tuscany is bound to boost your cooking skills better than a dusty old cookbook. The Lost Girls’ motto? The world is a classroom and travel is the best education.

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  • jar says:

    I have a passport but have yet to use it. Sending first kid to college next year so it will have to wait. Looking forward to hearing what you see especially in Kenya.

  • Taunted says:

    Yo ladies, you’re missing out on thet great cultural experience to be had in Dubai – The Dusty City Of Dreams.

    Well, when I say cultural I really mean loud bars, friendly folks and lashings of alcohol. Mix with top DJs – Judge Jools for example and you’ve got Party City Central.

    Too bad you’re gonna miss it!

  • The Lost Girls says:

    Well, Taunted, don’t count us out just yet. Dubai’s reputation as *the* international party city is spreading pretty quickly…We may just have to re-route in order to get there. Save a martini (make that 3) for the Lost Girls.