LG Tip of the Week: Always Carry Toilet Paper

Health & Safety, Lost Girls RTW Adventure, Packing & Wardrobe, Peru — By on July 1, 2006 at 5:02 pm

Back home in the States, running out of TP is a mild inconvenience, but not a crisis: you simply grab a handful from the next stall over, and you´re set. On the road, however, there´s often only one bathroom, and “luxury amenities” such as soap, paper towels, toilet paper have never graced the inside of it. So, after getting caught ourselves a few times, we realized that its a good idea to throw a roll of Charmin and Purell hand sanitizer in our bags before setting out for the day. An even smarter move: checking out the facilities before sitting down to eat a restaurant meal. After all, if the one-and-only bathroom in the place doesn´t contain soap, you might end up swallowing a lot more than just aplaca and potatoes for dinner. Sorry to be gross, but that´s the reality of the road!

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  • jennifer weisz says:

    another toilet paper tip – DO NOT FLUSH IT. lots of plumbing systems outside of the US cannot handle paper down the toilets. be safe and save yourself embarrassment. throw it in the waste bin instead.

  • EZ says:

    I heard about this blog from my friend Single Jenn’s space. This is a very hip and refreshing adventure. I admire each and everyone of you for doing this. You have just found another supporter of the Lost Girls.


  • Travelin' D says:

    Fortunately in Thailand they do provide a spritzer, leaving you not only clean but refreshed! I will also second Jenny’s comment with one footnote: Just find out before, because in my opinion it’s just as embarassing to throw some nasty’s in the waste bin, when it’s not customary. Cheers~D

  • Anele says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve learned that from the many long trips with my family around Brazil…
    I think that’s a wonderful idea to just hit the road like you’re doing! I would like to do that someday… just need the money! lol

  • Softball Slut says:

    Found you through Lizzle’s blog. I am so jealous of what you are doing. I am going back through your archives. I could totally see my self doing something like this. I love to travel more than anything in the world. Now I just need to find a companion who would go with me.

  • Someone that you wish you could meet... says:

    Humanity/Profanity supports “The Lost Girls” and your journey around the world. Thanks for having us on the blog this week. http://www.humanityprofanity.blogspot.com

    Thanks for the support and my mom said that she is hooked as well!


  • The Lost Girls says:

    Well, we had no idea just how much of our adventure on the Inca Trail would revolve around toilet paper–or lack thereoff–but we´ve definitely learned to take it with us (and avoid flushing it!). One question…do Peruvians also take TP to the bathroom with them, or does everyone in the country simply drip dry? Discuss.

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