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After sharing co-ed dorm rooms with very stinky (male) roommates at one germ-infested hostel, freezing our asses of at another that had neither heaters or hot water and coming down with fevers, stomach cramps and general ickiness, the Lost Girls finally decided to take good care of themselves during their final days before the Inca Trail by checking into a sweet little boutique guesthouse they’d heard wonderful things about: The Ninos Hotel.

Created in July 1998 by Jolanda van den Burg, Ninos was established as a business that would exclusively benefit several of the street children that this Dutch-born humanitarian had seen working and begging along the narrow cobblestone byways of Cusco.

Because of the growing support and stable profit provided by the original Ninos Hotel (where the LGs have now set up camp!), Jolanda was able to open up a second hotel and two restaurants that serve hot, highly nutritious meals to children in need. Not only do the kids get something to put in their tummies six days a week, they receive medical and dental care, hot showers, sports programs, homework support and a huge boost to their self-esteem.

In addition to Jolanda’s amazing work within the community, she’s personally adopted 12 boys whose names and photographs adorn the walls and rooms in the hotel. In addition to her own biological children (two absolutely adorable blonde cuties), she’s adopted and placed another 23 children who live in two separate families with Peruvian foster parents.

Of course, The Lost Girls love what Jolanda’s project stands for, and have stayed in the Ninos Hotel for over a week in Cusco. Not only do we get warm fuzzies supporting the project, we’re staying in an absolutely charming hotel that’s decorated with lemon-colored hardwood floors, sprays of wildflowers and dozens of black and white photos of children so precious, our bottom lips quiver just a bit when we look at them. And, the icing on the cake: the Dutch-style breakfasts are both inexpensive and incredibly delicious….a yogurt parfait, eggs, bread & jam, tea, orange juice and fruit salad is only $3.

If you want to learn more about the Ninos Projects and how you can help, click here.

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  • Karen says:

    The hotel sounds great you guys! Be sure and drink lots of water on the Inca Trail.

  • aizza says:

    I’m really glad that I’ve found this post as I’ve been looking for some entertainment at work. I must say, what you’re doing is very un-american. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s just when I was travelling a lot of the americans I had met were very jealous of what I was doing. It seemed as though they were very career focused and found it difficult to leave their jobs. Kudos that you’ve dropped everything and left. Travelling is good for the soul, tiring, but also quite addictive. Keep an eye out for the Australians. We’re everywhere!

  • The Lost Girls says:

    We love the Aussies…such a great attitude towards travel. The Lost Girls will be swinging by your way in about 9 months, and have already plan to borrow a van to see as much of the country as we can. Stay tuned for more details on our visit!