What’s a Lost Girl?

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Well, we definitely know a Lost Girl when we meet her. But since we can’t really leave it at that, we’ll attempt to give you the on-paper profile…

Typically (with a few interesting exceptions), a Lost Girl is: A woman who’s more than a bit unsure about what she’s doing with her life, the direction that she’s headed and how to make changes for the better. She wants to live her best life, to use her talents and passions to make positive changes in her self, her relationships, her job. She’s a searcher, a seeker, who is digging to discover what matters most to her, and how to live more in line with the really important stuff in order to feel most at peace.

Trust us, we feel the same way.

It’s pretty hard to realize your dreams (or heck, even find the time to write down your goals) when you’re focused on the everyday realities of bills, deadlines, bosses, cell phones and relationships. That’s why we decided to make this wildly impulsive decision–to put just about everything on hold–while we traveled the planet in search of great inspiration and life changing experiences.

If you can relate to our desire to take off (even if it’s just to ditch work for a few weeks) you may very well be a Lost Girl, too. The best part is, having LG status puts you in the company of millions other woman, young and old, slim and curvy, shy and outspoken. We’re all just trying to figure ourselves out. And while not everyone will rack up such extreme mileage in their quest for answers, the journey to self-discovery is always worth taking.

Where ever the road may lead you, good luck, and safe travels.

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