The Boys of (Brazilian) Winter

Brazil, Lost Girls RTW Adventure — By on September 14, 2006 at 11:58 am

After seven weeks spent journeying through stratospheric Andean highs and deep green Amazon lows, we were bummed to leave Peru and Bolivia behind, but thrilled to hop a flight to one of the world’s largest and most sensual countries: Brazil.

Upon arrival, the salty, tropical air jolted us awake like a can of Red Bull. Once we’d dumped our backpacks at the hotel, we made a beeline straight for Copacabana Beach. While I’d half expected the place to be crawling with gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model look-alikes, the four mile crescent of cappuccino-colored beach teemed instead with lean, muscular men who ran along the water and practiced martial arts in the sand. Mouths agape, we watched as guy after guy with washboard abs and He-Man shoulders jogged past, seemingly oblivious to our ogling. Board shorts were non-existent; every single guy wore postage-sized spandex hot pants or Speedos. Back at home we’d probably laugh at a dude in bikini bottoms, but here at the Copa, the look actually seemed hot.

We stared at each other, slightly shocked, wondering if we’d wandered onto the “boys only” section of the breach, the Brazilian version of Fire Island. Deciding to conduct some research, we walked the entire length of Copacabana and back, barely restraining ourselves from reaching out and touching the Marcus Shankenberg and Tyrese body-doubles. The verdict: these yummy looking men were simply into looking good-not into each other.

Thrilled with our new location, the girls and I settled into our beach chairs with a cold Capirinha and proceed to watch (and photograph) the most interesting attractions that wandered past our little patch of sand. Here are our favorite boys of Brazilian winter-enjoy!

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  • M says:

    You deserve to enjoy another aspect of sightseeing that ranks right up there with the Taj Majal. You’ll probably never look at Speedos the same way again. (-;