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Lost Girls RTW Adventure — By on October 11, 2006 at 5:52 pm

ADP: As we’ve traveled, my fellow Lost Girls and I have found that its infinitely more interesting to learn about the hidden corners of a new city from the people who know it best (the locals!) rather than some stuffy guidebook. We’re hoping that you, our fabulous readers, might have a few compadres in the countries that we’ll be visiting around the globe. If you’ve got a best friend, ex-boyfriend, sister-in-law, old college roommate, former coworker or chat room buddy who lives in one of the countries below, would you be a total sweetheart and put us in touch? We promise, once we arrive in the local area, we’ll take your pal out for a beer–and hoist a pint in your honor.

The LG Updated Itinerary

Nov 1 – Nov 7: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nov 8 – Dec 1: Southern India, including Banglore, Goa and Kerala

Dec 1 – March 1: Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar

March 1 – 15: Bali, Indonesia

March 15 – April 11: New Zealand

April 11 – June 30th: Australia



  • Guru Panguji says:

    Wow, Nov 8 – Dec 1: South India!! Awesome :-)!!

    I can prolly send a coupla mails to people in Bangalore and Kerala and they could show ya around the place. Also got some pals/pal’s families down in Goa. Shall check up with them as well and shall let ya guys know :-)!!

  • Dellie says:

    You’re right.Guidebooks will get you to the city but it’s your imagination that will take you on your journey…..The itinerary is fascinating. Most people would be happy to visit any ONE of these countries. I’ll follow along with you. Stay safe.

  • Evolution of gina says:

    I got a international chatroom that I go to… I may be able to connect you with some people (I know a few really hot guys in Australia and New Zealand!)

  • The Lost Girls says:

    Guru and Gina,

    We would appricate any help you can provide! We’re also struggling right now to find a place to stay in Dubai, as its a holiday week there. If you’ve got friends out that way, let us know!


  • Barbara says:

    Hi Lost Girls – I have a couple friends in Australia that I can hook you up with, and I’ll be in Thailand myself for most of December and possibly January. Give me a shout at btgrimes99 (at)


  • Taunted says:

    Well as I live in Dubai, I’m sure I can rustle up a few mates for a quiet beer, a trip to the mountains and deserts and the like. How about the worlds biggest indoor ski slope. It’s all here in The Dusty City.

    I’ll drop you a mail.