The Turkey Trek

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Rather than wax poetic about our incredible two-day “Same Same” hiking adventure near Luang Prubang, Laos, I’ll let these photos speak (mostly) for themselves. For the record, the “Kids with Turkeys” shots are some my favorites from the trip!

The Laos Countryside…

Laos ladies redefining the “backpack.”

If you can believe it, this guy was our tour guide! We asked him to flex and he willingly obliged (yet another reason this country is one of our favorites!)

Preparing seaweed to be dried by the sun.

These kids were such hams! They loved posing almost as much as we like taking pictures!

Okay, sometimes we like posing for pictures, too!

No turkeys were harmed during the taking of the following photographs. In fact, Jen and I were absolutely stunned that the birds actually didn’t seem to mind getting tossed around, ridden, squeezed, pulled and proded by the local village kids. Where I come from, barnyard foul are pretty testy, but these red gobblers were in a great mood. Perhaps that’s because there’s no “Thankgiving Day” in Laos?

Jen makes new friends.

We discover that no matter where in the world its taught, math class has the power to put kids to sleep.

Its always more fun to giggle with the visitors than pay attention to the teacher!

Schools out…time for us to go home, too!

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