Home for the Holidays

Leaving & Coming Home, Lost Girls RTW Adventure — By on March 14, 2007 at 1:34 am

Okay, it’s no secret that we’re a bit behind on our blogging. Readers keep writing me to ask why I wasn’t with the girls on the islands. Well, while they were practicing hedonism and downing 2-for-1 drinks on the beaches, I was practicing self-discipline and meditating at the ashram. (Um, I’m just a tiny bit jealous:)

And after leaving yoga school I sort of “cheated:” I missed my family so much that I went home for the holidays. This is me with my two sisters and my sister’s boyfriend’s daughter, Liz. When it comes to being homesick, it’s less about longing for a specific place than for those that I care about most. My year on the road has taught me that, no matter where I may wander, my real home will always be with the people that I love (including my fellow Lost Girls, of course!).