Sapa Slide: The Video!

Vietnam — By on April 6, 2007 at 9:47 pm

Sapa, Vietnam: It didn’t take us long to discover that continuing our tortoise-like pace would be a necessary survival method if we didn’t want to pitch right over the edge of the path. After hours of rain, the hillsides were frosted in thick, gooey layers of mud and the trail had been instantly transformed into an obstacle course worthy of a Real World/Road Rules Challenge Gauntlet round. No matter; the Lost Girls laughed in the face of danger. Haa! We weren’t going to a little slop stop us from burning off the remains of last night’s calorie fest. We decided that the only way to arrive at our destination in one piece and in good spirits was to make game out of getting to the top of the muck covered mountain. After all, we were members of a generation that perfected the delicate art form of throwing our bodies down Slip n Slides every summer. This was pretty much the same thing – – sans the long rubber runway, of course.

A few wild arm flails, awkward hip shakes and face first nose dives later, Amanda, Holly and I had single-handedly invented a brand new dance. We call it…The Sapa Slide. Unlike its cheesy predecessors, like The Electric Slide, The Macarena or Mambo #5 (God, what the hell were people thinking?), The Sapa Slide doesn’t require any lame music scores, choreography skills or even hand/eye coordination for that matter. Success is measured purely on one’s ability to a) make a complete fool out of themselves b) avoid sudden death or dismemberment and c) keep inevitable turret’s syndrome attacks under control. But remember kids: The Lost Girls are trained professionals, so please don’t try to recreate our moves at home without adult supervision!

Check out the quick clip below to see Sapa’s signature mud for yourself!

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