Easy, Breezy, Beautiful – Bali!

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So I know it’s a bit lame to steal the Cover Girl cosmetics tagline for the title of my blog, but honestly, it’s the perfect way to describe Indonesia’s famous hedonist hotspot. To proof it, I’ll break it down for you one word at a time! Easy: Everything from the low key, little airport and speedy taxi service into town to the top-notch tourist assistance and beautiful budget guesthouse we found in Kuta Beach were all firmly stamped with no hassle guarantees. Even before our toes sank into the sand, we were knee deep in appreciation for the simple and effortless existence held so dear by Bali locals. Breezy: Not only are the Balinese some of the kindest and most smiley people the girls and I have encountered so far on our trip, their ‘no-worries’ attitude and way of life paint the entire island a brilliant shade of chill (No, you can’t find it in your Crayola box, but I swear it’s a real color!). Radical surf dudes, bootleg DVD hawkers, enthusiastic restaurant touts, even the stray dogs sunning in the streets, are poster children (err, and poster animals) for Bali’s breezy, laid-back vibe. Beautiful: The uber relaxed, hippie scene isn’t the only thing that makes this tropical paradise a hit with travelers. Bali is also well endowed in the looks department, boasting gorgeous palm fringed cliffs, sweeping white sand beaches and lush gardens overflowing with exotic flowers, flaming tiki torches and intricately carved Polynesian statues.

Although the stunning surroundings and carefree culture provided me, Holly and Amanda with a much needed rest stop after our 3-month race across Southeast Asia, the most beautiful part of our Bali experience was the fact that we were enjoying all this fabulousness for free! Well, theoretically speaking, that is. I mean we still had to pay for lodging, meals and incidentals, but since Bali was an optional stopover added to our RTW ticket at no additional charge, we felt like contestants on Wheel of Fortune landing on the coveted bonus vacation panel. We could sit around and watch movies, take a jog on the beach and relax by the pool with a frosty cocktail in hand knowing we hadn’t spent even one extra penny to be there. In fact, everything on the island was so cheap (I’m talking $6/person for a guesthouse with a TV and pool, full body massages for $8 and free surf lessons from hottie local instructors), we actually saved money by staying Bali-side versus tacking the two weeks on to our next (and much more expensive) destination, New Zealand.

However, for me, the icing on the Bali cake was a bit more personal. As luck would have it, one of my best friends from Maryland happened to be traveling in Asia on business and was able to sneak away for a few days to join me, Holly and Amanda in Bali. Not only did Steph more than live up to her title of honorary Lost Girl, she provided me with something I was so very desperately missing – a friendly face from back home!

A quick 20 minute cab ride to the nearby resort community of Nusa Dua and I was face to face with one of the esteemed members of my Bowie crew (yes, that’s a real town in MD!). We squealed like school girls, reveling in our serendipitous reunion in Bali of all places, and then we immediately headed to happy hour. We did our best to maximize the few precious days we had together, filling them to the brim with hometown gossip sessions, hours of poolside sunbathing, missions to the market for souvenirs and tours of the island’s main sites – – followed by nights spent dining in cute cafes, dancing in Kuta clubs, catching live music performed by hip, local bands, sipping sundowners on the balcony of Steph’s suite and enjoying all the other swish amenities that her fabulous five-star hotel had to offer! Thanks again, Steph, for keeping this Lost Girl in a style that I’ve unfortunately grown unaccustomed to on our trip! I still dream about Westin’s beautiful breakfast spread! 🙂

Between my fabulous visitor and the island’s super cool vibe, The Lost Girls’ brief stint in Bali actually turned out to be one of my favorite – and by far the most relaxing – portions of our RTW journey. As we’ve discovered many times on the road, it’s usually the little – and often unexpected – moments that turn out to be the most memorable! May all you travelers out there find just as much joy in the small stuff!

Check out the below slideshow to experience a little bit of Bali for yourself!
(Umbrella worthy cocktails not required – but strongly encouraged)

Stephany – this blog is dedicated to you, babe!!

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  • David Webb says:

    I agree, Bali is awesome. Best surfing I’ve ever experienced, and the value for your $$$ is fantastic. It’s not “Thailand cheap,” but it’s still good!

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