Lost Girls of the Week: Angela and Girlie Landis

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We wanted to share a letter we received from a Lost Girl mother-daughter team. Thanks for your travel inspiration!

Dear Lost Girls,

I wanted to write you and tell you what an inspiration your blog has been to my 12 yr old daughter. We happened upon it on a link from a friend and were totally hooked. We have been happily tracking for some time.

Reading about your adventures has sparked her in ways I hadn’t seen before. We have been homeschooling family for a decade now (can it really be that long) but not for the typical reasons. We are more of that neo-hippie, embrace- your- own- rainbow- while- being- academically- diverse sort. Your trip has got her stoked, and has encouraged her to create part of her own curriculum next year.

She is calling it her “Trip Around the World”, in which she will virtually travel to different lands and learn about the culture, religion, government and visit the sites. She will read books and travel guides and enjoy geography a hell of a lot more than I ever did in school!

My thanks, of course, abounds for posting the budget. As a girl who dreams of being a photographer, travel is high on her future goals. I had already been tossing around the idea of making her senior year on the road, and I now see that it is do-able for the two of us. Talk about a senior trip!

Again, thanks for sharing so much. You have inspired us more than you know!

Angela Landis

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