Lost Girl of the Week: Stephanie Davis

Lost Girl of the Week — By on November 6, 2007 at 1:33 pm

Few people know, but before Holly, Jen and I went away on our world tour, there was another Lost Girl planning to take part in the adventure. Best friend and fellow New York media girl Stephanie Davis, came pretty close to strapping on a backpack and hitting the road LG-style, but she decided to follow her heart down to Atlanta, to take on a very different kind of challenge.

While the three of us were ping-ponging across the planet, trying to figure out which end of the map was up, Steph was working 14-hour days (and plenty of weekends) to launch Skirt!Atlanta, a new breed of women’s magazine that has, in the past year, become the obsession of savvy southern gals between the ages of, oh, 16 and 80. Filled with profiles of incredible women, humorous essays, shopping and, oddly enough, the occassional dude wearing a skirt, the mag is a must-read if you’re in one of the ten cities where’s its published (for a full list of locations, click here.)
Unfortunately, we don’t have our own edition of Skirt! here in New York (we’re pushing for a launch in Brooklyn!), and since Steph can only sneak up here for a visit once a season, we’ve become avid readers of her blog. If you want a laugh-and a little insight into life’s more peculiar moments-we suggest clicking through and perusing the archives.

And be sure to bookmark the site….its addictive.



  • Cindi says:

    Ohhhhhhh – I LOVE reading my monthly skirt! here in Charlotte, NC. If I ever leave the southeast – I’m going to have to look Stephanie up about getting one lauched in my hometown!

  • Chad says:

    Where’s Holly been? I found found her on the MBBB List but does she post anymore? The blogging world needs more haut girls like her out there.

  • Barbara says:

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    Happy trails,