Traveling the Globe on a Single Ticket

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Often times, the most confusing part of planning a major international journey is figuring out what type of airline ticket (or tickets) you need to get.

Should you buy each leg separately, and on different airlines, to maximize flexibility? Save yourself the hassle of researching flights on the road by booking a standard RTW ticket? Join forces with an airline alliance? Turn to a ticket consolidator? Research those phantom “courier fares” that every guidebook references, but no real person one has actually received?

The options and permutations are so great that it’s no wonder that we get a migraine just thinking about it. In the end, Holly, Jen and I choose to blend a few schools of RTW thought: we bought a round-trip ticket to South America ($600), a one-way ticket to India ($800), then used Airtreks, a ticket consolidator out of San Francisco, to help us string together a series of cheap flights between Kenya, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Australia ($2300). The most expensive part was getting home: a ticket from Sydney to New York set us back nearly $1000. In the end we shelled out nearly $5000 carting ourselves across the planet. And that doesn’t include the small puddle jumper flights we took within each continent. .

To all the Lost Guys and Girls currently organizing trips: we feel your pain. But you might feel a bit better after reading “Traveling the Globe on a Single Ticket” a well-researched article by Michelle of The New York Times. It’s a great resource–and we’re not just saying that because she quoted us in the last few paragraphs of the piece 🙂

There’s no doubt that flying can easily represent the largest single line item on any traveler’s budget, but we swear its worth the cash. Feel free to email us ( with any specific RTW ticket questions you may have; we’ll try to track down an answer.

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  • Mamacita Chilena says:

    Help, the link isn’t working for me…and I REALLY need to read that article!

    🙂 Kyle

  • The Lost Girls says:

    Fixed! Kyle, we’d love to come down and see you while we’re in Ecuador, but our trip is only a week long! Ah, well, I guess its back to the ways of the working world in the US. We’re determined to take a two-week trip this Fall though. Would you be up for Nepal? 🙂

  • BC Planning says:

    Cool, I never knew about this

  • Gary A says:

    The longest I’ve had flights arranged for on my trip was 30 days. I just can’t stay committed to a schedule for that long.

    I don’t even know where I’m going to be tomorrow night 🙂

    Yagyakarta, Indonesia

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know what i am doing!! I am a 20 something female who just quit her job and is traveling to ASIA for the first time. I will be meeting a few friends along the way but will be alone for some of the trip! Am I nuts? Can you recommend a website that i can find people in similar situations? I would like to join a tour group but dont know where to begin.


  • Camels & Chocolate says:


    You should really look into I’ve used it for the past four years, and it’s a GREAT way to hook up with locals or other travelers in any place you’re going. I’ve made so many lifelong friends through that site, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. There are other hospitality exchanges, like, but I think CS is, by far, the superior.

    Safe travels!