Lost Girl of the Week: Courtney Scott

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When Amanda, Holly and I quit our jobs to travel around the globe, we idealistically imagined that the trip would drastically change our lives, hurdling epiphany after epiphany into our paths until we were completely enlightened beings. As you can guess, it didn’t exactly work out that way. While our journey was by far the most rewarding experience I’ve had in my 29 and 5/6th years, after effortlessly sliding right back into corporate America, our overpriced NYC apartments and mundane daily routines (somehow the gym Stairmaster can’t compete with the Inca Trail), we began to wonder…did what we do really make any difference?

What we didn’t expect was to get that answer, not from ourselves, but from other lost girls and boys around the world. Emails poured into our yahoo accounts, ranging from hilarious travel tales and kind commiserations over shared mishaps to serious props for taking a huge leap of faith and touching notes of admiration. Hey, maybe we were on to something. Sure, we hadn’t solved world peace, but helping others realize their travel dreams has honestly been one of the greatest rewards I’ve gotten out of our trip (cue cheesy “Awww”). So when I received the following email from my friend Courtney, I felt compelled to name her honorary Lost Girl of the Week:

‘Before you go whisking off to Ecuador and I never see you again, I thought I should tell you how much of an inspiration you have been in my life (as if you didn’t already know). I always had dreams of doing what I’m doing now, but when I watched you pick up and leave Vh1 something clicked in me…I realized, “duh…this doesn’t have to be a dream….it’s actually tangible.” And here I am. So Baggs…thanks!!

The ironic thing about this email is that when I heard Courtney was jetting off to Italy to pursue her passions for traveling, teaching and writing, I remember thinking how brave she was to attempt this amazing adventure all on her own. I was completely freaked out leaving to take our RTW trip and I had not one, but two, girlfriends with me.

So here’s to you, Court, our Lost Girl of the Week, who continues to inspire me and everyone around her with an insatiable enthusiasm for life, an uncanny ability to find humor in almost any situation and an undeniable beauty, inside and out! Love you, Bella!

Courtney Scott, on getting lost:

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been really good at losing things. Keys, wallet, Metro Card, kitchen utensils…anything was fair game. My mother used to say, “It’s not lost, honey, it’s just misplaced.” And then, like magic, the object would reappear in just the place where I’d looked five times before, as if to say, Duh, I’ve been sitting here the whole time!

Well, now that I’m in the land of the lost (Italy to be exact) I’d like to report that being a lost girl is AWESOME (no wonder that soup spoon is still hiding out)!

My decision to get lost came last June — armed with a one-way ticket, a scrap of paper with my new boss’ Italian contact info, my family’s moral support, and a bit of courage, I left behind my New York state of mind to pursue big expat dreams. Exact motives are still uncertain. Perhaps I was in search of the elusive key to happiness, or maybe I just needed a break from my ever more frequent role of bridesmaid. Whatever the case, my gut said, “GO,” so here I am, and I can say with certainty that I made the right decision.

Life in Italy is beautiful, exciting, and of course, incredibly delicious. But above all, it’s inspiring, and in my experience, inspiration is the best motivation. So, if you are restless like I was, just “GO.” Get lost. It will be hard to say goodbye to friends, even harder to family, but like my mom always said, nothing is ever really lost. We are all just temporarily misplaced. And when I reappear I am certain I’ll have more wisdom, perspective and peace of mind than I could have ever found on my own soil.

—Courtney Scott

Read more about Courtney’s adventures in Italy on her blog:

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