Lost Girl of the Week: Ida Becker

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It’s often people, more so than a pretty landscape, that makes a place really memorable. Rubbing elbows with the locals can open your eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world, as I learned from sitting on the beach in Bahia after a Brazilian woman invited me into her circle of friends. I curled my toes in the sand and clapped along with them as the sun sank lazily into the sea, 100 percent content in that moment. I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d noticed a sunset in New York City, let alone took the time out to celebrate one!

So in the spirit of making connections and gaining insight, we’ve made South Carolina native Ida Becker this week’s Lost Girl. Currently on her way to Syria, she’s traveling around the globe for a year to do a web-based photo documentary she’s dubbed “The U Truth Project.” She’ll be stopping along the way to photograph people she meets and ask them to share something they believe to be true. Ida’s fearlessly going where no woman has gone before, offering us philosophy in sound bytes and daily doses of wisdom. Here’s what prompted to embark upon her journey in the first place:

“Two years ago, I traveled to Nepal on a whim and happened to be there during the countrywide uprising against the king. For the last week of my trip, I was under house arrest alongside the Nepali people. Martial law gave me the opportunity to have indepth conversations with people at a defining moment in their country’s history, and I was struck by the common hopes and dreams that I-a white girl from Charleston, S.C.-shared with a community of people whose existence initially seemed very foreign.

During that trip, I learned that a simple human connection can be one of the richest aspects of travel, and I vowed to always engage indigenous people in a meaningful manner during future trips. That simple resolution evolved into the decision to take a one-year trip around the world with the specific intention of connecting with and learning from the people I encounter. I believe that the more you learn about the world, the more you understand your place in it.

On March 11, I departed for Africa and began the U Truth Project. In an age when neighbors are disconnected and societies are fractured due to religion, creed, politics, race, geography, socio-economics, and countless other markers, the U Truth Project, seeks to discover commonalities within the human drama that supersede surface differences.

Armed with little more than a camera, a laptop, a copious supply of anti-malaria pills, and a tentative route, I am circumnavigating the globe and asking the people I meet to share one statement of truth.”

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  • pete says:

    What an INCREDIBLE honor !! Thrilling for the recipient,I’m sur !!

  • Baker says:

    I have a camera. My name sounds like Becker. I’ve spent five of the last seven years abroad. What else do I have to do to become the lost girl of the week?!?! My time might be running out…