BootsnAll 10th Anniversary Party: 12/6/08

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Bootsnall PartyFor the past decade, travel info and networking website BootsnAll has been hooking up vagabonders of all stripes with the know-how and social support needed to launch their own domestic and international journeys. In fact, when planned our own RTW adventure, we scoured BnA for info on hostels, advice on packing and even used their trip planner feature to price out cheapo-deepo airline tickets.

This year, BnA is turning 10, which in blog years makes them just old enough to…do all kinds of crazy stuff. Drink. Party their asses off. Get naked and go streaking across the quad.

From the looks of things, the brains behind BnA are planning to do all three this winter at one gigantic anniversary bash Portland, Oregon. Of course, it wouldn’t be real party without all you crazy readers and ravers, so better start booking your planes, trains and automobiles now. Here’s what you need to know to ring in a new era of BnA:

The BootsnAll 10th Anniversary Bash
Date: Saturday, December 6, 2008
Location: The Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon
Time: 7 pm till 11 pm – main party
After Party: 11 pm till 2 am – DJ spinning and all that stuff.

Besides the promise of some really killer photos, here’s why the founders Chris Heidrich and Sean Keener say you should come.

Top 13 Reasons to Come to the BnA 10 year anniversary Party

1) It’s gonna be fun. We have tonnes of travel prizes and activities that you probably haven’t done before.

2) It’s gonna be huge. The Wonder Ball Room can accommodate up to 600 people. We’re not sure how many will be there, but when was the last time you went to an event, put on by a private company that has been in the online travel space for 10 years? Never? Thought so. Come.

3) If you come, I will give you a hug. Now, you’ll need to mention this, and I will happily do it. There is not enough hugging in this world.

4) Beer, Wine, and Fun. There will be loads of drinks. If you are a drinker, you’ll be fine here. If you are non-drinker, you will also be happy cuz no one will be getting smashed out of their minds besides Static (and me once the dance party starts at 11 pm).

5) Rolf Potts. Legendary traveler and writer Rolf Potts is coming to the BnA 10 year anniversary party. Come meet and drink with this thoughtful traveler.

6) Get inspired about life: Are you bored with your job? Are going through the motions in life? If so, get your arse to this party and meet people that are planning epic trips, on epic trips, or just got back from an epic trip.

7) Aussies. Yeah, you know. The folks from down under. The shrimp on a barbie/kangaroo hamburger people. At least one of them will be at this party giving away drinks and spreading good cheer. Meet this secret guest and uncover the secret of Australia, the modern day land of milk and honey.

8) If you come, BootsnAll’s Italy Lover Jessica will teach you at least one swear word in Italian. It sounds cool and is fun to blurt it out at inappropriate times.

9) Keep Portland Weird! It’s a saying that we see on bumper stickers in this town. I also like to scream it out at random times during the day. Come to the beautiful city of Portland Oregon, see why it’s a little weird, but also why so many young and old creative and green folks are moving to the town that most magazines rate as the best, the greenest etc.

10) Because you like the little guy. BootsnAll is the last independent online travel company of substantive size that has not sold out to The Man. No one from the 90’s is around in it’s original form. Come find out why, or rediscover, what makes the BootsnAll community unique. People actually care. People like you.

11) You are a blogger or want to be one. There will be a lot of Blog and Twitter fodder for this weekend. Take fun pictures and meet new people to add to your Twitter.

12) Diversity of people. We have been doing these parties for five years now. All sort of folks love to travel independently. Come meet people you don’t normally talk to. They don’t bite and it’s fun to learn about the world through other people. Kinda like traveling!

13) You are my friend/acquaintance and you want to see what BootsnAll is up to. Maybe you met me 2 to 9 years ago. Maybe I was cool. Maybe I was a wanker. Either way, we made it this far and have made a lot of friends over the years. Come hang with me and let me buy you a few beers. Let’s reconnect. Seriously. sean at BootsnAll dot com to get it started.

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