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fashion empowerment womenThough political pundits may be debating whether or not we’re really in a recession, you need look no further than rising gas and food prices to know that your bank balance is falling. Many of the hardest hit during the economic downturn will be the world’s poorest women as people pinch pennies. But empowering women to support themselves and their families battles poverty because they’re more likely to spend the funds on food, education, and health care for their children, according to Women Thrive, a non-profit that gives poor women in over 15 countries economic opportunities.

Recession or no recession, lots of us will still be buying holiday gifts. When you purchase presents from Shop The Cause, your money goes back to the women who made them in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Check out some of the jewelry adorned with semi-precious stones, such as the necklace this Ecuadorian woman created. You’ll also find embroidered cosmetic bags made by Mayan women, baskets woven in Darfur, and peace candles crafted in Israel. Each and every item will be a gift that gives back.

Photo credit: Lucina Jewelry

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  • Andrea Rose says:

    I love this… what a great idea for gifts- I’m sold. Great Post!

  • Zeba says:

    9 cities and 11 states in 13 days?!!
    I’m soo jealous! 🙁

    You girls are lucky.

  • Zeba says:

    Whoops…sorry! That was 11 towns across 9 states! Damn…!

    P.S. Can i be one of the ‘lost girls’ too 🙂

  • Ramani Chandra says:

    Excellent post.Look forward to reading more on you blog.Thanks for sharing!

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  • Lil' Boozie says:

    If you’re interested in similar non profit / social responsibility opportunities, you might consider checking out NEST. It's a non profit organization dedicated to ameliorating the lives of female artists & artisans in developing countries by providing them with micro-credit loans. The goal is to assist them in creating & maintaining their own entrepreneurial businesses. Anyway, just thought I'd pass the info along!

    Suz (a.k.a. Lil' Boozie)
    "3 Troopin' Travelers"