Live from the Wienermobile: Heavy Python Petting

Extras — By on October 21, 2008 at 5:41 pm

Here’s the latest on-the-road dispatch from our Weinermobile girls. You can read more about their hot dogging adventures by clicking here.

python petting
Molly and Selena:As Hotdoggers, we’re used to surprising people. We drive up in the Wienermobile, honk the jingle horn, and watch for smiles, thumbs-ups and camera phones.

But on a Sunday afternoon in Junction City, KS, we were definitely the surprised ones.

After making a wrong turn into a residential neighborhood, we spotted a group of teens and parents outside. We prepped the horn and readied our entrance, until Selena’s eyes opened wide. “Did you SEE that?” She asked.

And there it was: A 14-foot-long Burmese Python shedding its skin and casually hanging out on the front lawn like a squirrel might. Of course, we parked the Wienermobile to get the full scoop.

The owner had purchased the snake as a pet when it was about a foot long. Now, he wanted to sell the python, but no one wanted to buy the full-size version.

The best part of the stop, though? Even as we gaped at the enormous reptile, people still stopped to check out the Wienermobile – oblivious to the python behind the chain link fence. A Wienermobile sighting, it seems, is more rare than an exotic pet.


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