Live from the Wienermobile: How to be a Hot Dogger, too.

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Here’s the latest on-the-road dispatch from our Weinermobile girls. You can read more about their hot dogging adventures by clicking here

Hot Dog BloggersMolly and Selena
: The Wienermobile is our only car. That means we drive it to the store for groceries, the bank for cash, the mall for clothes. That also means everywhere we go, people ask us how we got our job.

We don’t blame them for their curiosity. In so many ways, we have a dream job. Oscar Mayer pays us (a real, grown-up salary) to drive across the country; we spend our weekdays making people smile and our weekends exploring different states.

Did we mention we don’t pay any bills? For one year, our lives are overwhelmingly great.

So, how did we land this plush gig? Kind of how you’d land any other job fresh out of college – with a strong resume, polished interview skills, and a genuine interest in the position.

Each year, Oscar Mayer hires a crew of college graduates to pilot its Wienermobile fleet. This year, seven Wienermobile vehicles traverse the country – six full-size vehicles and one scaled-down version of the icon built on a Mini Cooper. Our managers assign each Wienermobile to a region; two hotdoggers man each vehicle and are responsible for planning events, working with local media and acting as goodwill ambassadors for the company.

Most hotdoggers studied some form of communication – advertising, journalism, marketing, public relations, etc. – but all majors can apply, and Oscar Mayer specifically looks for enthusiastic, personable and trustworthy applicants (after all, they hand us the keys to the Wienermobile!).

Interested in trying out? The yearlong job is highly sought after – Oscar Mayer received at least 1,200 applications for14 spots last year – but we’ll give you our four-step path to hotdogger fame:

1. Apply now: Get your resume and application materials turned in by the end of January for the Hotdogger Class 22, which hits the roads in June 2009.
2. Study up: First built in 1936, the Wienermobile has some serious history. Click on over to Oscar Mayer’s Web site, and peruse the What’s a Wienermobile section
3. Be punny: Hotdoggers aren’t required to use hot dog puns, but we sure do think they’re franktastic. Pluck a few out of the Hotdogger Oath (, and pepper your application materials with your favorite jokes.
4. Think positively: Check out – our newly launched blog chronicling the adventures of all seven teams – and envision yourself behind the wheel of a giant hot dog.

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