Live from the Wienermobile: The Two Gracelands

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Here’s the latest on-the-road dispatch from our Wienermobile girls. You can read more about their hot dogging adventures by clicking here


After wandering through the King’s admittedly tacky but charmingly extravagant Memphis mansion, we couldn’t help but remember another Graceland we visited in August: Little Graceland in Los Fresnos, TX.

Just off the highway en route to South Padre Island, this roadside replica of Elvis’ home is possibly the quirkiest attraction in Texas – and maybe even all of America. Simon Vega built the museum in 1993 to commemorate his friendship with the rock ‘n’ roll idol himself; the two lived in the same barracks during Elvis’ military stint in Germany.

The museum is stocked with memorabilia – records, newspaper clippings, books – but the owner is the top attraction. He so admired Elvis that he wrote and recorded a song after his death (ask for a listen), and now he keeps the King’s memory alive by hosting an Elvis impersonator’s festival each August.

We didn’t make it to the Elvis fest, but our trip to the mini mansion convinced us – once again – that smaller spontaneous stops often make better memories than the hyped-up originals.

So of course we want to know, whether it’s a rib joint or a big ball of twine, what are your favorite roadside stops?

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