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One of the things I love most about being a Lost Girl is receiving emails from other fearless ladies who have dared to get ‘lost’ themselves and are eager to share their stories. And what’s even more extraordinary is when one LG tale motivates another, as was the case with Lost Girl of the Week, Lauren Stitle:

Hi I just wanted to let you know you girls and your blog were an inspiration to me to follow my dreams and travel. After I saw Courtney Scott as one of your “lost girls of the week” I got in touch with her and found out about an amazing organization in Italy. I then quit my job and moved to Italy to teach and also have become great friends with Courtney. She convinced me to blog about my journey too!”

After receiving the above note from Lauren and checking out her site, lstitle.blogspot.com, there was only one more thing left to do…make her the next Lost Girl of the Week. May her beautiful Italian adventures continue the circle of inspiration!


Getting Lost by Lauren Stitle:
As long as I can remember I have been very passionate about one thing in life…traveling. I think my love of travel began when I was 13 and my parents took our family on a two-week backpacking trip to Europe. Right then and there the travel bug bit me. This began my love affair with the many different and beautiful sights, sounds, experiences, cultures and people our world has to offer. This love affair of mine continued all through high school and college where I was fortunate enough to travel abroad for the many milestones that school brings your way. Along the way I had love affairs with Paris France, Sydney Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Spain and Italy just to name a few.

There is something about the atmosphere and energy of traveling that feeds me. It is when I feel most at home. Whether is it strolling through a city soaking up the new, unfamiliar and interesting sights, sitting outside of a great little coffee shop, grabbing a glass of wine with new found friends or simply sitting on a bench with a magazine and coffee in hand whilst watching the world walk by and admiring and picking up on the unique and interesting qualities that make these people who they are…these are my favorite moments and when I am at my happiest. These are the times when I think…my life is full.

When I graduated from Uni I did all the things I was supposed to do like score the perfect job, move to a big city, make a good living and start my life as an “adult” and to be honest at the time I thought this road I was heading down would be fulfilling. But I quickly began to feel that my world was mundane and mainstream, something in my life was missing mainly my happiness. I found myself working in a job I was miserable in, living in a city that did not feel like home and trying to be content by buying more and more useless tangible items. To put it simply I was lost….

For years I talked with my family and friends about my desire to see the world, live abroad and travel…some would call it wanderlust but for one reason or another I was hesitant to take that next step. But last spring the stars began to align…

And so after working in pharmaceutical sales for 3 years and hitting a bit of a quarter life crisis I decided to quit my job, leave Chicago and move to Italy to teach English. I have always felt there is more out there for me than the typical progression through life…school, more school, job, marriage, family. As mentioned above my life’s passion has always been to travel and learn about new cultures and the ways of the world. I believe this is the best education one can get. So I have decided to follow my gut, make a drastic change and see where life takes me. I know this next phase in my life will be full of beautiful adventures and life-changing experiences that I welcome with open arms and could not be more excited and ready for.

Follow Lauren Stitle as she blogs about “La Mia Bellissima Avventura” on her site, lstitle.blogspot.com

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