What you don’t know about Kansas City, MO

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by Molly Fergus

Out of nowhere, it seems, the travel industry is buzzing about Kansas City, MO.

SmarterTravel.com named the town one of its 5 Destinations to Watch in 2009– which also includes the decidedly more exotic Riviera Nayarit and Peru. Shortly after, Jaunted compared the city to Teddy Grahams, and of course a slew of travel blogs criticized the ranking.

Needless to say, we wanted to get in on the action. So after six days in the City of Fountains, we present our five things to love about good ol‘ KC-MO.

1. The Power and Light District We were afraid that this restaurant and shopping district, which the Kansas City utilities opened late last year, would feel too artificial. Instead, we found a thriving eight-block hub of shops and restaurants that are delicious, lively and even kind of swank.
2. The barbecue From the old school, fluorescent-lit Arthur Bryant’s to the “white linen” pulled pork at Jack Stack, KC knows its meat. ‘Nuf said.
3. The airport MCI is as hassle-free as airports come. Each gate boasts its own security terminal, and the average TSA wait time hovers around five minutes.
4. The cultural mix Straddling the Missouri-Kansas border, Kansas City feels solidly Midwestern and gracefully Southern all at once. Case in point: You won’t have to choose between Culver’s and Chic-fil-a.
5. The Oregon Trail For about a day we couldn’t figure out why Independence, MO sounded so dang familiar. It turns out the Oregon Trail began in the Kansas City suburb…and when we played that ancient Apple computer game, we stocked up on oxen in Independence.

Molly is just one of two Lost Girls criss-crossing the country in a Wienermobile-yes, that’s the frank-on-wheels. You can read more about her hot dogging adventures at clicking here

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  • The Flying Pinto says:

    It actually is a nice city, I’ve enjoyed many layover’s there as a Flight Attendant.I don’t know if I’d plan a vacation around it but it is a nice city. If you don’t like crowds it’s a great place.