Wienermobile Report: A Taste of Home on the Road

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This week, the Wienermobile Girls share how they manage to keep their sanity–and avoid getting too homesick!–during a yearlong road trip (inside a hot dog, no less!) Write to let us know what you do to stay comfortable and happy while traveling.


by Molly Fergus

Although it’s hard to complain about our lives – we travel around the country, sight-see constantly, and get even the oldest of kids to crack a smile – there are days when we start to miss the normal-ness of living in one place.

When that mood hits, our response is simple: stay positive! We’ll chat about our upcoming destinations (hello, Chicago!) or muse about the little luxuries our lives afford us – like living in hotels. We might miss the hominess of our parents’ living rooms or the ease of whipping up a grilled cheese in our college apartments, but that doesn’t mean we don’t realize just how good we’ve got it.

In that spirit, enjoy our five favorite things about living in hotels. Fellow long-term travelers, you tell us: When you’re tired on the road, how do you stay energized?

1. We never make our beds Granted, I never made my bed before, but I certainly appreciate a perfectly turned-in sheet.

2. Shampoo! Shampoo! After eight months on the road, we’re well acquainted with hotel travel-size toiletries. Some chains offer their own generic bottles, but we’re always pumped when we score a name brand travel set.

3. Managers’ receptions Some extended stay hotels dish out complimentary homemade meals on weeknights. Call us cheap, but we love free (delicious!) food.

4. Breakfast I definitely did not have a Belgium waffle machine (and ready-made batter) in my last apartment.

5. Gym access There’s a certain comfort in knowing that weights and elliptical machines are available, even if we never step foot in the workout room.

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