LG Spring Break: Outer Banks on a Budget

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This week and next, Lost Girl Kristen J. Putch will be sending us dispatches from her recent Spring Break in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Will her journey be “Shag” revisited? Stay tuned to find out…


Saturday morning: up bright and early to get a head start on our trip to Corolla, NC, in the Outer Banks. Thinking our trip was much longer than it actually was, we headed out at about 8:30am, giving us plenty of time.

We realized shortly into our trip that it would only take us about 6 hours to get to our house, about 2 hours before we could actually get in. After a long and picturesque journey over and under the Chesapeake Bay via the Chesapeake bridge and tunnel (it was the first sighting of the ocean on our trip!), we decided it was time to stop for some stretching and food…we were famished! So we took the opportunity to kill some time and have lunch at Cracker Barrel Old County Store and Restaurant in Chesapeake, VA. Yes, Cracker Barrel is a chain, but it’s popularity in the south is unmatched, plus, they serve breakfast all day!

After trying to solve the infamous triangle puzzle (the only one who had any success was Jen), Alexa and I indulged in the Old Timer’s breakfast, and Jen opted for a chicken salad. It was just the fuel we needed to head back out on the road for the final leg of our trip.

We reached the North Carolina state border around 2:30pm, and our destination wasn’t much farther off. However, once you enter the actual Outer Banks, there is one-two lane road, which twists and turns for miles and miles. It was probably the most frustrating part of the ride down. But eventually, we reached 605 Ocean Front Arch, our home for the next seven days. Situated right on the beach, it was the perfect spring break getaway.

The house itself had seven rooms, and technically slept 18 people. Luckily, there were only 15 of us on the trip, and the three of us girls stayed in a room with two bunk beds and a our own entrance from the beach.

Because there were so many of us, we split the cost of the house (about $1600), which averaged out to be about $120/person — the cheapest Spring Break any of us could have imagined. Including gas, food and a night out, none of us spent more than $300 for the entire week. Talk about spring break on a budget!

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