Spa Therapy for Your Hands

New York City, Spa & Beauty — By on March 26, 2009 at 5:09 pm

The Lost Girls and I recently dropped by GemVie Medispa in midtown Manhattan, right around the corner from the Morgans hotel. The spa was like an oasis of calm amidst streets clogged with taxis and tourists. Once you’re escorted to the relaxation area, you’ll find a quiet stone patio with chairs for lounging. It offers everything from laser hair removal to chocolate body scrubs. And while most medispas are more apt to mirror a sterile doctor’s office than pampering retreat, GemVie lets you curl up with a cup of herbal tea and soft music in the backdrop to help soothe nerves-whether you’re going for a Swedish massage or chemical peel.

GemVie’s latest treatment will come in handy for all you crackberry addicts and constant texters: The Blackberry Hand Treatment. It starts with a hand massage using basil lotion that’s packed with skin-softening ingredients such as olive oil and aloe vera. To loosen tight tendons and smooth skin even more, your hands will be dipped in parrafin infused with 11 different vitamins. The treatment helps soothe chapped skin so you can let your hands do the talking.

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