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family photoAs one of the world’s most passionate and skilled night owls, it’s a near impossible feat to persuade me to voluntarily rise with the sun. But during my recent weekend stint down to MD/DC to visit my hometown VIPs, I was presented with several compelling incentives to join the ranks of those perky, early morning types. Ok, so I wasn’t exactly perky, but my two adorable surrogate nephews, baby Chase and little man, Jake, kept their Auntie Jenny laughing and cooing despite the shocking 6:50am alarm clock digits.

beat cervical cancer And considering my best girlfriends (Steph, Aimee and Nadji -pictured from left to right) and I were heading into the city to participate in the 3rd annual Walk to Beat the Clock hosted by Tamika and Friends, Inc. (T&F) – a national non-profit organization designed to raise awareness about and work to eradicate cervical cancer -I couldn’t think of a better and more meaningful way to start my day. Sure, Steph and Aimee managed to get not only themselves, but also their sons, ready on time and in an orderly fashion, while I, on the other hand, frenetically shoved a few bites of cereal down my mouth, before racing out the door, hair still sopping wet and shoelaces untied. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

walk to beat the clock By the time all six of us, two strollers, sippie cups and teething rings made it successfully downtown, we were wide awake and ready to get our walking groove on for an amazing cause. Joined by a dedicated crowd of supporters and cervical cancer survivors, we hit the sidewalks of Adam’s Morgan to Beat the Clock. Because, as cited by T&F, every hour a woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer and every 2.5 hours a woman will die from cervical cancer — therefore we must Beat the Clock! As a second year participant in this event, I am continuously inspired by the courageous work of this organization to educate women about cervical cancer and the importance of early detection. And between now and next year’s walk, which I proudly plan to attend, I’ve pledged to stay on top of my own screenings and encourage all my girlfriends (and/or vehemently push, if need be) to do the same. And I incite all you fellow Lost Girls and Lost Boyfriends out there to please do the same!

For more information on Tamika and Friends, including facts, survivor stories and how to donate, log on to http://www.tamikaandfriends.org/

About the Walk
In 2005, cervical cancer survivor Tamika Felder created Tamika and Friends, Inc. (T&F) and joined a movement to eradicate cervical cancer. Based in the Washington, D.C. metro area and serving women nationally, T&F is a leader in HPV/cervical cancer awareness and support. T&F is committed to educating all women about HPV and its link to cervical cancer. In addition, the organization supports women who are fighting this devastating disease.

Cervical Cancer is almost ALWAYS preventable, and the third annual Walk To Beat The Clock which will be held in the D.C. Metro Area on Saturday May 16, 2009, is one way we are making women aware of this fact. The walk will raise awareness about cervical health and the tools that women have which can prevent this disease: pap tests, HPV testing, and HPV vaccines. The thousands raised will be re-invested in the community T&F serves.

The walk will be a chance to celebrate women who have survived, remember those who have been lost, and to support those who are still fighting cervical cancer. Approximately 80% of people will get HPV in their lifetime and most women have a friend or loved one who has faced the possibility of cancer after having an abnormal pap, so this disease truly affects everyone.

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  • Please sign up for this year’s Walk to Beat the Clock! 5K

    Saturday, May 15th, 2010
    RFK Memorial Stadium
    2400 East Capitol Street, SE
    Washington, DC

    We would love to see you back again this year with a group of friends and children!