Spring Break in Spain: Flying on Continental, Clickair and Spanair

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clickairLast week, Syracuse junior Ashlee Davis shared how she managed to book a last-minute Spring Break trip to Spain for less than a single credit hour at her university. The tickets were cheap-but were the worth the money? Ashlee reports on her experiences at 30,000 feet.

I flew Continental Airlines to and from Europe. As I said in my last blog, the price was less that $400 round trip, which seemed incredible considering that I was crossing an ocean-and the quality service I received. Though I booked my ticket only two weeks in advance, I was able to choose an aisle seat. It turned out that no one had chosen the middle seat in my row so my neighbor and I were rather comfortable.
I wasn’t charged an additional fee when checking my bag, which was thankfully less than 50 pounds (I was very proud of my packing job!) and I brought a small purse with me onto the plane. Once I sat down, I was surprised that each seat had a touch screen television for personal entertainment.

As the screen was consumed by flight procedure instructions, I noticed what looked like a credit card slot and was worried that it was a pay-per-movie deal. But once we took off, I realized that the 20 movies, TV shows, and 50 album choices were all complimentary, which kept me entertained on the 8 hour flight to and from Spain.

Once in Europe, my friends and I opted to take budget airlines between cities, rather than traveling by train. As far as discount carriers go, the one’s we chose weren’t bad-not bad at all.

Clickair, the airline we chose to fly from Barcelona to Mallorca, had a few hidden fees. I had to pay 2 euros extra to sit next to my friends and 10 euros to check a bag. The rollercoaster ride landing over Mallorcan mountains was free, though (altogether about 70 euros).
Our Spanair flight from Mallorca to Madrid went even better. It only cost 41 euros with no extra charges. And by that time, we were used to English being the secondary language over the loudspeaker.

When it was time to go and I reached my gate at Madrid International, I was called to the front of the Continental boarding line and told that my personal entertainment device wasn’t working (They were required to tell me before I got on the plane).  I was upset. I mean, I’d seriously been looking forward to watching The Express and Twilight.

However, as it turned out, the gate agents were wrong. My TV worked just fine. And I got my Edward and Bella fix almost as soon as we took off.
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  • The Flying Pinto says:

    Yes, Continental has a nice international service. Wow, great price!!