5 Things to Know Before Backpacking with a Boyfriend

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Backpacking couple by Hannah Dorland

I spent two weeks backpacking alone in Colorado–no problem. Last week my partner of 2 years and I decided to raft down the St. Croix River and sleep on an island. Chaos ensued! Backpacking is totally different with two people.

1. Two people equals two mouths. A few granola bars, jiffy pop, grapes, and turkey jerky just don’t cut it. Besides, men seem to get ravenous towards evening… I think the bear that snuck into our campsite in the middle of the night was in a better mood than my guy.

2. Extra body heat in the tent does NOT mean that two sleeping bags aren’t necessary. It’s Minnesota. Even in the summer the nights get chilly, and as nice as cuddling may be it’s no substitute for proper sleeping bags and/or blankets!

3. Being comfortable is key. When I backpack alone, I wear high-waisted baggy pants with tightly cinched belts, hiking boots, a bandanna, and a sleeveless men’s tee-shirt. This time, I wanted to look pretty and instead ended up chafing after 12 miles because my low-waisted jeans conflicted with my backpack waist strap.

4. Just because he offers to carry things, it doesn’t mean he actually should. Chivalry is nice and all, but the heavy pack was mine, specifically purchased to fit my tiny 5’3″ frame, and his upper back was SORE the next morning.

5. Three person rafts are meant for three people, not two people and two giant backpacks. Remember that packs can often weight as much as a small child, so count them as one! I ended up sitting on top of the two packs and paddling at an awkward angle… guess we should have rented a canoe!

When Lost Girl Hannah Dorland isn’t backpacking, she’s attending class at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Her favorite spot is St. Croix State Park (about 15 miles from Hinkley, MN) and she’s planning another adventure down the Namekagon River (WI) in a few weeks

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  • mina says:

    what a great post!

  • The Travelling Teddies... says:

    Love the post! I travel with my partner most of the time (except when i travel for work!) and yes, it is very different. The beauty of travelling alone is you make your own decisions, you follow your own instincts and decide what to wear and when to eat without having another person tell you that the socks don't match the shoes! (I get that A LOT!) 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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