Lost Girls’ Cause: Armchair Volunteering

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Alliance for Women's RightsIf you’ve been dreaming of doing a volunteer vacation but don’t have the time or money, long-distance volunteering might be for you. It’s free, doesn’t require you to use up your vacation days, and can make a big impact on people around the globe.

A reader wrote in to tell us about the Alliance for Women’s Rights Armchair Travel Program. The non-profit pairs professionals in places such as the U.S. with women in Central Asian countries via the internet to help share their skills, spark personal connections, and foster women’s rights.

Our reader signed up for the Alliance Volunteer Chat and will soon be speaking online to a woman in Afghanistan to act as a mentor and cultural exchange advocate. You can also opt for the ESL program and use Skype to teach one-on-one English classes to a woman in, say, Mongolia or Kazakhstan. Another volunteer option is to help women write, edit, and translate grant proposals, website materials, and letters into English. Besides aiding women who have limited opportunities, you’ll get insight into how people in another part of the world live.
Photo credit: Afghan’s Women Mission

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  • www.alittleadrift.com says:

    This sounds amazing! Thanks for posting this, I had never heard of the program but it definitely is a way to still make an impact when you can't actually go travel – great info; thanks 🙂

  • Tony Osborn says:

    Hey there – I'm currently in Central America and volunteering with local projects, but think this suggestion is incredible!



  • mina says:

    What a fantastic idea… I would love to get involved with this.