The 10 Best Tours in America

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wings over kauai airplaneWhile I’ve always been a fan of independent travel-exploring a place with little more than a map, a phrase-book and a sturdy pair of walking shoes to guide you-there’s still something to be said for the packaged tour. By putting yourself in the hands of someone with considerable local know-how, you’re bound to discover aspects and angles of a destination you might never have discovered by wandering around on your own.

As you’ve probably already realized through personal trial and error, some tours-and tour companies-deliver the goods just a little bit better  than everybody else (In some cases, a lot better). Earlier this month, the consumer travel website TripAdvisor released the list of the Top 10 Tours in the US based on reader feedback. Once you’ve read through this nationwide round up, better get on the horn and make your reservations. Something tells us the spaces on these outdoor adventures are gonna fill up fast…

1. Flying High in Kauai: Wings Over Kauai, Kauai, Hawaii
Unforgettable views await those who take a unique tour of Kauai – from 1,500 feet in the air. Travelers rave that this plane tour is the ultimate way to experience this lush, sought-after island, and invariably return with extraordinary photographs.
2. Southern Charm: Explore Savannah, Savannah, Georgia
An intimate walking tour of Savannah’s historical beauty, Explore Savannah not only takes travelers through the history and culture of the city, but beloved tour guide Bobby gives insider recommendations for exploring the city on your own.
3. New York Scoop: Real New York Tours, New York, New York
Setting itself apart from slow-paced tours that provide well known facts about the city, Real New York Tours is beloved for its “real” approach – educating travelers about big tourist spots as well as providing exciting and little-known city tidbits, with true New Yorkers as guides.
4. Comforting Companions: Wild Earth Llama Adventures, Taos, New Mexico
Llamas may be unconventional modern-day travel companions, but these surprisingly friendly and industrious animals provide just what travelers need to explore the wilderness of New Mexico. The llamas will bear your load and escort you on your hike, as tour guides educate you on the surrounding area. The day’s exploration concludes with a picnic.
rock clime colorado
5. Zip It: Soaring Tree Top Adventures, Durango, Colorado
Accessible only by the historic and beautiful Durango & Silverton Railroad, the day-long zipline course lets travelers fly safely through the air, surrounded by the exquisite natural landscape of the forest. On top of the thrilling excitement the ziplining adventure provides, Soaring Tree Top Adventures works to minimize its impact on the environment.
6. Delicious Discovery: Savor Seattle Food Tours, Seattle, Washington
There’s no better way to get to know a city than through its food, which is exactly how Savor Seattle helps travelers get acquainted with the history and culture of this vibrant city. A number of tours are offered, each with specific themes, but the principle is the same – discover Seattle via its epicurean side.
7. Food for Thought: City Food Tours Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
More than simply a tour, City Food Tours gives visitors a true taste of Philadelphia, introducing them not only to the city’s delicious and diverse food, but to little-known facts about the city of brotherly love.
8. The Friendliest Catch: Bering Sea Crab Fishermen’s Tour, Ketchikan, Alaska
Aboard the Aleutian Ballad, the fishing boat seen on “The Deadliest Catch,” visitors watch as fisherman pull massive king crabs, octopi, salmon and other creatures out of the cold waters and into viewing tanks where they can be observed and even touched.
NYC pizza
9. Pizza Pizzaz: Scott’s Pizza Tours, New York, New York
Scott’s pizza tours take visitors inside the world of New York pizza, with history and mouth-watering pies at every turn. The three hour walking tour begins at New York’s oldest pizzeria before tasting the rest of the city’s best, while the four-and-a-half hour weekend bus tour brings pizza enthusiasts further afield, with equally appetizing results.
10. It’s a Jungle Out There: The Urban Safari, San Francisco, California
Travelers aren’t very camouflaged in The Urban Safari’s zebra-striped tour vehicles, but they are privy to an exciting and eclectic look at San Francisco, from its well-known sights to the treasures that are off the beaten path, with city history and spectacular views sprinkled in.
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  • Lilliy says:

    I have to say I am the kind of tourist that is in between If I have alot of time or enough time and I can make the rounds my self especially if on foot then I love my travel guide, hat and shoes.. but if I am pressed for time and there are many distances to cover then I love taking tours and I have to say many times the things that the good tourist guide sometimes tell you, you cant find it on travel guides..
    One of my memorable special tours was the beatles walking tour in London that which at my younger sister is a fan and it was a different way of seeing London..

  • Nelly says:

    Hi LGs!!
    I just found your website today, as I was beginning to research travelling extensively but on a budget (I work and have crazy student loans). This site is so refreshing!! I am feeling more and more confident that my travel dreams will come true and your tips and suggestions are even greater motivation.

    Keep enjoying the world and motivating the rest of us to do the same!


  • Akila @ The Road Forks says:

    Another great Savannah tour is the ghost walk tour in the evening which goes through the cemetaries. Love that idea of the pizza tour! Great list.

  • Baby Jane says:

    Georgia is one of my dream place to be.. If there's a chance, I'll grab that opportunity..

  • kamlavati says:

    Canada is one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. It has many interesting cities, like Toronto, North Vancouvr, Montreal or Halifax. But also some of the most impressive nature, which is great for outdoor activities, like hiking, skiing, rafting and fishing.