The LG Weekly Travel News Round-Up

Weekly Travel News — By on September 10, 2009 at 11:07 pm

by Molly Fergus
LG Travel News Editor

Missed the big travel stories of the week? And the weird, wacky and insignificant ones?  We’ve got your round-up right here….

Unwanted souvenir
Watch where you surf. When iPhone convert Karen Torme Olson signed up with AT&T before her six-week Central European trip, she dreamt of the gadget’s travel-friendly apps. She didn’t think that her wanton web surfing abroad would cost nearly $5,000 in charges – without making one phone call. AT&T let Olson purchase an international plan retroactively, but consider the lesson learned: Always buy an international data plan, or turn the darn thing off.

Source: Chicago Tribune; Don’t Dare Take your iPhone Abroad Before Reading This

No more Ness-sayers

It’s like that black and white optical illusion of the young lady/old woman. Is the Aug. 26 Google Earth photo of a white blob with four legs really the Loch Ness Monster, Nessie? Or is it just a fishing boat with bubbles from the jet engine streaming off the back?

Source: Mahalo; Loch Ness Monster Google Earth
Source Bild;
Has Google Earth Found the Loch Ness Monster?

Keypad travels

It’s hard to decide if this is mildly depressing or just the techy evolution of armchair traveling. Pete Baldes and Marc Horowitz created last month, when the pair took a “road trip” from Los Angeles to Richmond, VA, toured flickr photos of national attractions, and fielded pit stop suggestions from Twitter followers. Decide for yourself if computer vacations are worth it on Sept. 19, when the two launch their NYC Google Maps Road Trip.

Source: The New York Times Frugal Traveler: Virtual Vacations
Source: Conflux Festival:
Google Maps Road Trip (NYC)

Made up money

Keeping with the virtual vacay theme, Google and Hasbro unveiled its online worldwide Monopoly game Sept. 9. This new spin on the classic board game uses Google Maps to take players around the world. Only this time, they get to shop. Competitors start with $3 million and can buy any street in the world, if they’re quick enough. Let’s hope the virtual real estate market is hotter than reality’s.

Source:; Google Map-based Monopoly City Streets Game Launches Today

Purple haze

Anyone who’s pored over a Lonely Planet: Peru has read about Chicha, that famous Andean beer brewed from spit-out and fermented purple corn. It’s almost a mark of backpacker pride to sample the drink in rural Peruvian mountain towns, where brewers mark their homes with a red flag. Now, adventurous souls can just go to Queens.

Source: The New York Times; Chew it Up, Spit it Out, Then Brew – Cheers!

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  • Heather Rae says:

    Love the week in review! I'm particularly glad you mentioned the part about purchasing an international data plan before travelling with your iPhone. That's an easy thing to forget (and would be a huge mistake!).

  • Indite07 says:

    I am from costa rica, and in here we also have Chicha, which is an alcoholic drink but it is not purple and it tastes really bad, I bet the peruvian version has to be better

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