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By Molly Gallagher
LG International Correspondent

When my friends and I arrived in Prague we spent the first day wandering the city. We went to the castle, old town square, and the Charles Bridge. However, we didn’t really know what we were looking at. We decided we wanted to take a tour to learn about the city while we explored it, because the city and country are filled with so much history. My friends found a brochure that said in big letters, “Free Tour!” At the bottom of the brochure it said that the tours run on a tip only basis. I thought: there has to be a catch. The next day my friends dragged a very skeptical Molly to the tour’s meeting area.

There were over 40 people who showed up for Sandeman’s New Europe Tour. The guides split the group into two and with a guide for each group. The tour lasted three hours and we walked through the entire city (or at least it felt like it). Each of us tipped 50 crown, or about $2.00. There was no pressure at the end of the tour to give a tip and the guides were not pushy. The guides will also give you advice on where to eat, buy souvenirs, what public transportation to take, etc. These tours are ideal for people on a budget and especially college students studying abroad. They allow you to explore and learn about a city without paying too much. Here are some more details about Sandeman’s New Europe Tours.

Where Tours Are Offered:
The Netherlands
*Tours in Madrid are suspended until 2010
Czech Republic

Sandeman’s New Europe usually offers several different tours in each of their cities. If you want to take one of their FREE TOURS in a city go to their Web site: and click on the city you are visiting. It will give you information about where to meet for the tour and on other tours they offer. I also took the Montmarte tour in Paris, which was 8 euro, but well worth it. This is not a scam. The company wants to provide a service to everyone, without charging a fortune. If you go on a tour and hate your guide, don’t tip. If you love your guide and thought it was great, then give a tip that you think is reasonable.

BONUS- for the tours that you pay for (not the trademark FREE TOUR) show your Student ID and get a discount!

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  • Brooke says:

    I swear by Sandeman's and I wish they held tours in the States, too because they're just that fantastic. I took the free tours in England and Paris, and paid for the Tapas tour in Madrid. The Tapas was fun but the free tours are the best. The guides love their city so much and their knowledge of the area is unreal. Definitely recommend them, too 🙂

  • rhonalala says:

    Sandeman's is excellent! I used them when I was in Paris and for a number of trips while I was in Berlin. I will for sure use them again and again when I return to Europe.

  • Sido says:

    Ofcourse there is a catch at Sandeman’s NewEurope Free Tours. Your tourguide will receive an invoice from New Europe! Thats right, the guide has to pay the company to work…. They have to pay €3 per person. That means that if the guide is walking around with 20 people,the guide will get a invoice of 20 x €3,00 = €60,00 !
    The guide is NOT ALLOWED to tell this to his/her group.

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  • Liz says:

    Sandemans is an extremely unethical group that exploits its tour guides and is in the midst of being sued by the German government for tax evasion.

    If you don’t tip the guides well enough, they are required to pay out of pocket to the company for the amount of people on the tour. The business model is unsustainable and exploitative.

    I would do some research on Sandemans and revise this post.

  • Seorix says:

    This is not amazing!