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By Lisa Katzenberger
Special to The Lost Girls

grassroots.orgIn the season of giving, there are plenty of non-profit organizations where you can donate money to support a wonderful cause. But is a unique way to donate your skills. This organization provides technical infrastructure – like website design, graphic design, 800 phone service – for free to non-profit organizations.

According to Executive Director Shane Hankins, their entire volunteer network is managed online. And while us Lost Girls like to hang out across all ends of the earth, provides an opportunity to help someone miles away whether you’re on the road or kicking back at home.

“We are a global organization, with both volunteers and member nonprofits in multiple countries,” Hankins said. “The vast majority of our volunteers do not live in the same geographic region as the organizations they volunteer with. They usually pick groups to work with based on mission focus and skill fit. As such, you could easily volunteer while traveling.”

If you can design a logo or build a website, you can provide an organization with an online presence so they can communicate with their members and other people interested in their cause. And monetary donations have a big bang for their buck, too. A donation of fifty dollars provides six non-profits a free domain name for a year. A twenty dollar donation provides $220 in services.

Our very own Lost Girls Travel News Editor, Molly Fergus, is the Communications Coordinator for “If you want to stay volunteer-minded, this is a neat, virtual way to do that,” Fergus said.

If you’re short on skills or money, don’t forget the power of the internet. Fergus suggests that a post on your own blog about or your experiences with a local organization can help spread the word. Fergus also recommends browsing the network of members to see if there’s an organization in your area you can connect with for additional volunteer opportunities. is a way to make an impact on your own time and without leaving the comfort of your home-wherever it may be. “Our biggest need for volunteers are in the web and graphic design areas. We have had an exponential growth in the number of requests we get from local nonprofits for these services,” Hankins said. “There is a nearly limitless need.”

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