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We’d like to introduce you to a new member of the LG team, our globetrotting LG Food Editor Danielle E. Alvarez. In June of 2008, the multiethnic Lost Girl departed for a year abroad, (one semester in Santiago de Chile, another in Strasbourg, France). While traveling/eating her way through South America and Europe, she sought out traditional flavors, whole ingredients, and a balanced lifestyle. Now, back in the United States, she is readjusting to the thrills of everyday life as a magazine journalism and modern foreign languages senior at Syracuse University, and blogging. She’ll be reporting the latest and most delicious news in the world of food here twice a month.

The Beer of the Future
It’s out of this world, and not simply because of the high price tag (+$20/bottle). Sapporo Breweries Ltd. is just one of many that has been flooded with orders for their special edition six-packs made from “Space Barley.” Russian and Japanese researches developed the new brew in space in efforts to create an entire collection of edible plants that will one day sustain humans in orbit. No astronomical hangovers reported yet.

Source Physorg.com

20 Secrets, 50 States
Waiters from around the country reveal the truth about tricks, deceptions, and sometimes flat-out lies from behind those kitchen doors. Check out the story on Reader’s Digests for explanations on dirty lemons, powdered scrambled eggs, business lunch sabotage and homemade baked goods from around the corner. If only there were food and etiquette guidelines for foreign restaurants, not just foreign countries.

Source RD.com

Artists & Foodies Unite at the Beach
Art Basel Miami Beach, a sister event to the prestigious Switzerland’s Art Basel, highlights the cultural and social arts of the Americas. This past year, the event was so successful that it could be considered a feast for the eyes and in some cases, it was. Highlights include Rubell’s “Old Fashioned” edible installation featuring 1,521 Dunkin’ Donuts, Thompson’s display of aluminum cupcakes, and Ryden’s “Incarnation,” his new painting that cleverly incorporated raw meat and proved to be a real carnivore crowd pleaser when it sold for $900,000.

Source: FoodandWine.com

Would you like earth-friendly fries with that?
As Americans gave thanks, European McDonald’s went green. Nearly 100 yellow arches across Germany replaced their red backdrop with a new hunter green one, following in the footsteps of other Mickey D’s in the UK and France. They hope that their new appearance will further tie them to their “responsibility for the prevention of natural resources,” but activists are skeptical as they wait for more sustainable efforts below the surface.

Source Daily Blender

South Africa’s Type-A Wine Supply
One of the freshest faces to the world’s top ten wine producers, they are certainly taking their global standing seriously. South African wine law mandates that 100% of the grapes must be grown in the geographic location specified on the bottle, limiting variety yet improving quality. Pick up a bottle of Chenin Blanc, sometimes known as Steen, for the true experience; it is the dominant grape variety in the country.

Source Blog.oup.com

Photo Source: Photo 1 Source: http://www.foodandwine.com/blogs/mouthing-off/2009/12/8/Food-Art-at-Art-Basel

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