Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Travelers

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By Patty Hodapp
LG Travel Lifestyle Editor

It’s time to start your wish list! Scribble, scribble, as fast as you can… Santa is on his way and chances are you’ve been a good kid this year, so get ready to mail out your list. Sure we’re in a crappy economic downswing right now, but look on the bright side-the holidays are just around the corner and there are killer sales going on. Grab a pen and paper because here are The Lost Girls’ top 10 travel gear must-haves of the season. These products are LG certified, practical for the road, affordable, and travel-tested by us. Happy holiday shopping!

1. Quick dry towel Pick up one of these soft, absorbent, quick drying towels to throw in your gym bag or Euro-backpack. I used a quick dry towel when I backpacked the Mediterranean this summer and I give it five stars for being my favorite piece of travel gear. It is lightweight, folds up ultra small, dries twice as fast as a regular towel, doesn’t carry odor, and you can throw it in the washing machine. Grab one in any size (I used a medium) from most outdoor and camping stores. Here is the one I used ($8.49; [Note from Amanda P: When you get back from traveling, you can use it to wring moisture out of your hair more quickly than a regular towel would do–great for curly girls who don’t use a blow drier.]

first aid kit 2. First Aid Kit Accidents can happen. Whether you stub your toe, get a paper cut, or get stung by an insect, a Lost Girl is prepared for the worst. This first aid kit is a great starting point ($10.50; I sliced my thumb open in Greece with a bread knife, and I was so glad I had this kit to clean and bandage my wound right away…much safer than waiting to find a bathroom. It’s a small, zippable pouch with all of the first aid essentials you’ll need on the road. Since I’m a klutz who’s prone to injury, I added an extra bottle of ibuprofen, a tube of Neosporin and multi-size pack of Band-Aids just to be safe.

3. Cozy Handmade Fleece-Coming from Minnesota, I love the cold weather-snow, ice, you name it. But I absolutely hate being cold. I found this handmade fleece when I was shopping online a few years ago and I ordered one. It has long since outlived my Northface fleece. The Wintergreen fleece material doesn’t pill or look old after a few washes like my Northface did. Made of wool and polyester, it’s warm and zips all the way past your chin for extra windy days. It’s handmade and comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If you’re willing to invest good money in a fleece jacket, you won’t be disappointed with this one ($148.00; Wintergreen North Wear).

4. Eco-friendly Water bottle Stay hydrated on the road with this Nalgene water bottle ($9.95; It’s dishwasher safe, leak proof, and BPA-free (which just means it’s made from safe, chemical-free, recycled plastic). Plus, if you like to carry different beverages besides water, this water bottle is odor resistant so you can switch liquids and avoid coffee-tasting cranberry juice.

5. Smartwool Socks Keep your feet warm and dry with these lightweight, form-fitting wool socks. They absorb sweat faster than any other wool sock I’ve ever had. They’re itch-free, unlike most other wool socks, they don’t store odor causing bacteria and they regulate body temperature so you can wear them any season.($16.95; The Walking Company). I just loaded up for my trip to the U.K. in January-these Smartwool socks will be great for tromping around Irish bogs and sloshing through London’s puddles. Mine have a supportive arch brace and a cushioned sole for extra comfort, but they come in all shapes and sizes for Lost Girls who don’t need extra arch support or prefer a lighter pair for summer travel. As a bonus, when you buy one, you get the second for 50 percent off.

Happy Shopping, all!

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