5 Twitter Tools for Travelers

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by Brooke Schoenman
LG Tech and Gear Editor

Travelers that use Twitter already know of this simple application’s power when it comes to sharing information and getting tips from other worldly adventurers. Now, with the growing number of backpackers taking mobile phones and iPhones on their journeys, there are even more ways to get benefits from Twitter while traveling when using it in conjunction with these cool tools. Need a quick flight status check on the way to the airport? Twitter has got you covered!

twitter travelTweet What You Spend – We all know how important money is to any budget-conscience backpacker, but keeping tabs on all those expenditures is often more painful than having to end the trip early. Luckily, Tweet What You Spend makes it easy to manage the travel fund. Simply activate your TWYS account by creating a “follow twys” update on Twitter, and once TWYS follows you back, you’re ready to roll.

How many times have you found yourself questioning where the money went after a big night out in Barcelona, Tokyo or Sydney? With TWYS, all you need to do is send a direct message, with a note and the amount spent, and the tool does the remembering for you. For example, if you buy a round of shots at the pub for $25, you simply type “d twys tequila shots 25” into your Twitter status box and send. TWYS receives that info and puts it into an online database that you can later log into to view and categorize, or you can choose to export all the data as an Excel spreadsheet.

LocalyteLocalyte is an awesome website that provides access to local guides in over 170 countries around the world. Even cooler is the fact that you can use this service to find answers to any of your location-specific questions via Twitter. So, if you’re wondering what the best restaurants in Rome are, just send a tweet to @localyte with your question and location. They will then relay this to the local guides who can respond with some of their personal recommendations direct to your Twitter account. Localyte is the perfect addition to a long weekend away where you forgot to pack your guide book.

Boarding – If you’re stranded in the airport for an ungodly amount of time, Boarding is a Twitter tool that will help you find other stranded Twitterers to pass the hours with. Finding others is as easy as tweeting “#Boarding” along with the airport code, such as LAX. In just a few short moments, you will receive a follow up tweet with the names of people stuck in the same airport that are also looking to meet, or at least tweet, until it is time to jet off.

The most recent #boarding updates will also filter into the map on the Boarding website, giving web visitors the ability to see which Twitter travelers are stranded, and where.

ListJetListJet is a handy Twitter tool that allows you to check the status of any flight. Simply send a quick tweet to @listjet with the flight number, such as “AA 123” or “United 2163”, and back comes information regarding that flight’s status, gate number, baggage claim, delays and then some. This tool is especially useful for travelers running a bit late en route to the airport as it allows them to get their head around where they stand once they arrive.

Beyond flight checks, ListJet also allows for updates on a location’s weather, both current and upcoming, as well as the time for a country, city or zip code.

TwtTRIPTwtTRIP is a special application that allows you to list your travel details, find other travelers, gain accommodation or meet locals, all while using your Twitter account as the means of contact. Although this application appears to be a bit underutilized for its main purpose of listing travel plans and connecting with other travelers going the same way, it still seems beneficial to search out the “Locals” section to find some people willing to meet for a coffee, give a tour or even provide a free bed or couch to sleep on.

In this way, you could even think of TwtTRIP as being somewhat similar to the CouchSurfing website, although not primarily focused on the “finding a bed” part. So, what are you waiting for? Search out your next destination and start tweeting with some fun locals!

Have you used any of these cool Twitter tools? If so, let us know what you think of them by commenting below!

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