8 Ways to Love Dining Solo

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 Dining Alone by Monica L. Williams
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Food can drive travel. It can lead us to the ends of the earths and back, from the foothills of Mount Entoto in Ethopia for a hands-on dinner served atop a large sourdough flatbread to Little Italy for an authentic Margherita pizza topped with fresh basil. And in order to find it we must explore our surroundings for the best of local eateries. So the next time you’re hankering for the real deal in cuisines by yourself, don’t be discouraged by the independence of your quest.  Writer Monica L. Williams has got you covered with 8 LG-approved dining tips.


8 Ways to Love Dining Solo

1. People Watch: Ask to dine alfresco or be seated by a window to appreciate watching the world go by as you dig into your meal.

2.  Share a Table: Order up some companions at a communal table, also known as a friendship or captain’s table. The concept is gaining popularity at many places like Le Pain Quotidien’s chain of bakery-cafes in New York and all over Europe.

3. Read Up: Bring along your favorite magazine, latest book, or even your trusty guidebook to keep you company.

4. Get Inspired: Sit at the chef’s counters or adjacent to the kitchen to watch the chefs do their magic. Who knows? You might even get a few special tastings, too!

5. Take notes. What better time than meal time to catch up on your journal, update your travel blog, or simply make plans for the next day?

6. Be Friendly: Eye-contact with another solo diner can lead to a new acquaintance and table for two.

7. Enjoy the Show: Try some jazz with your Japanese at San Francisco’s Yoshi’s or salsa with your Mojito at New York’s Son Cubano-Entertainment eateries are nearly everywhere.

8. Simply smile: Being happy about your delicious meal instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks will always make for a more enjoyable dining experience. Bon appetit!

New York journalist Monica L. Williams loves to dine–alone or with others. She blogs about her travels, which always include dining, at www.blackbroadabroad.blogspot.com

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  • TravelGirl Marie says:

    These are all great. Sometimes, I’m a little uneasy dining alone.

    Can you fix the punctuation throughout?

    This is just one:
    Who know’s (KNOWS?!) you might even get a few special tastings too!

    And the last sentence in the intro, which we assume got lost in editing!

  • Danielle says:

    Oops! Importing the piece from another platform messed some of the formatting up. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Bogdan says:

    good tips…i sometimes have my laptop with me, in my travels…and i useit when i eat…and after…its sad sometimes to eat alone…