Cool Travel Site Spotlight: Atlas Obscura

Websites and Blogs — By on April 1, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Atlas Obscura calls itself “A Compendium of The World’s Wonders, Curiosities and Esoterica” and lives up to it. Check the site each day for “Featured Places,” and prepare to feel bewildered or gleefully surprised by what you’ll see.

On a recent day, I learned about Trinity Church, a gloomy and mystical-looking Orthodox Christian church on King George Island, which is “Russia’s permanent outpost in Antarctica.” Constructed from wood – Siberian pine to be precise – and “carved in the traditional Russian style by master carpenters of Altay,” the church is unusually tall compared to most other buildings in the area.

The dreamy images of the church provided by Atlas Obscura peaked my interest. I did a quick Google search for King George Island, and learned that the area is in dire need of environmental management and further research. The King George Island GIS Project is leading the charge, working to save the Island’s inhabitants, such as adorable fur seals.

Feeling curious? Well, then Atlas Obscura has done its job! Head over to the site and browse for quirky places by region or category; or join the discussion forums to chat with your fellow oddity-seekers. You may just happen upon your next travel destination.

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