San Antonio: The Fiesta Never Ends!

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We’re always in search of travel destinations packed with interesting culture, plenty of walkable sights, and great food, shopping and nightlife. But the icing on the cake? When you find yourself there during the biggest festival of the year and can party right along with the locals.

Last week, we were lucky enough to do just that when the Lost Girls partnered with the city of San Antonio to come down and find out what the famous 11-day long celebration of Fiesta was all about. We knew Texans like to do it up big, but we were amazed to find out that the town pretty much shuts down for the entire week and a half! Created in 1891 to pay homage to the heroes of the Alamo, and patterned after Mexico’s flower festivals, each day had a new fun and colorful parade, party or fair to attend along with post-parties afterward lasting well into the night.

During our four days down there, we packed in more events, activities and eating and drinking than we could during a whole month back in NYC, including:

The Fiesta Patriotic and Historic Ball: The locals thought we were crashing, but we got a true taste of the two-step, and learned that no self-respecting San Antonian leaves her house without 50 or more Fiesta pins!

Breakfast Taco Crawl: After a few too many cactus margaritas, we got ourselves up at 8 AM to decide for ourselves which famed taco joint–Taco Taco, Taco Haven or Tito’s–truly served up the best breakfast tacos. Stay tuned to find out the winner!

Rolling on the Riverwalk: We can honestly say that San Antonio might be one of the most charming U.S. cities, largely in part because of the beautiful, miles-long Riverwalk, which snakes right through the center of town and has tons of cute shops, restaurants and bars on each side. We’ll even share the (slightly corny) video we took as we pass through the canal’s dam!

Biking the Missions: San Antonio has five of ’em, including, yep, the famed Alamo. Skip the crowded bus/walking tours and bike around them instead! We’ll show you how!

Spa Time: With all the partying, it’s only fair that we take some restorative downtime in the Watermark’s dual-level spa. Find out what kind of treatments helped us through our hangovers and who we bumped into when we were there!

River Parade: Think Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, but the floats are all on boats running through the canal! More than 250,000 people line up along the river and on bridges to see the colorful, musical display. Don’t forget to wear your pins (check) and have margarita in hand (double check!)

NIOSA: Short for Night Out in Old San Antonio, this crazy, colorful food and drinkfest representing the many cultures of San Antonio was one of the highlights. We feasted on meat on a stick and corn on the cob and raised our glasses of frozen margaritas along with the throngs of revelers partying the night away. Find out what the fortune teller told us and which booths to save your food and drink coupons for!

Partying S.A. Style: Well, it wouldn’t be a LG adventure without some 3 AM fun. Find out where to spend the wee hours just like a local and some secret hangover cures only San Antonian’s know about.

Food, Shopping and More: We also got a chance to hit up the Historic Pearl Brewery shopping complex, Fiesta Art Fair, S.A.’s classic Mexican eatery Mitierra; famed hat maker Paris Hatters, “special healing remedies” source Papa Jim’s Botanica and Morgan’s Wonderland, a brand new amusement park created specifically for children with special needs that won our hearts.

Visit Lost Girls World all next week and the following month as we kick off our Featured Getaway with San Antonio, including an 8-part blog series, exclusive videos, sweepstakes and more!

Until then, visit San Antonio’s website for more on this fabulous city:
And be sure to check out Festivo, the spring festival season which includes Fiesta:

Lost Girls World is a proud sponsorship partner of the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau

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  • Marina says:

    It’s fun to read such a good review of SA! It makes me realize that you don’t have to go far from home to have a good time. I grew up in SA but haven’t spent much time there since I left at 18. I spent the last decade living in NYC, other cities in Texas, and abroad. Whenever I think of vacation destinations, I immediately start looking abroad (my husband and I recently backpacked around Africa & Asia for 7 months for our honeymoon). But this post made me nostalgic for San Antonio. I actually haven’t done many of the things you guys did during your week there. You’ve inspired me to plan a vacation to San Antonio, my hometown! 🙂

  • Lost Girls says:

    We’re so happy you enjoyed our post about San Antonio and that it inspired you to want to plan a trip back there. While we’ve also been quick to choose international destinations for vacations, visiting a city that’s as rich in history and culture (and restaurants and nightlife) as San Antonio, it really made us reconsider how many amazing spots there are right here in the States! Definitely keep us posted on your plans for a hometown reunion!

  • Loren Mock says:

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