Lost Girl of the Week: Cailin O’Neil

Lost Girl of the Week, Solo Travel — By on May 31, 2010 at 7:00 am

Cailin O’Neil, our latest LG of the week, grew up with a mother in the airline industry—so she’s been traveling “all her life.” She began working in the Film & TV industry while majoring in film in college, and now she makes the time to travel in between production jobs. Over the past 2 ½ years, she has expanded her count of “countries visited”  to 19.  After a several years spent juggling work and traveling, Cailin decided to put her two passions together: In August 2009 took off to Spain for La Tomatina with a camera man following her to make the first episode of her very own travel TV show “Travel Yourself”. Here, Cailin tells us when she first realized that she was (along with most of us!)…a Lost Girl.


I know for a fact that I am a Lost Girl, quite simply because I can’t sit still ! I’m definitely ” lost” in life—but that’s just the way I like it!

After high school, my was to just go to the regular University that my friends were going to, do a basic foundation year and figure out my life. As September got closer and closer, however, I realized that this wasn’t what I really wanted to do. So, instead, I went to NSCAD U (an Art University in my city) and earned my earned a major in film. While I was there, I started working doing freelance jobs in the film & television industry in my city.

Because there’s not a ton of work to go around (Halifax, Nova Scotia isn’t exactly Hollywood!)  I often found myself with lots of time on my hands! At this point, all of my friends were getting “real” jobs and settling into life but I just couldn’t sit still.

That’s when I started traveling by myself.

In the past 2 years I’ve been to 19 countries and at least 16 of those I went to on my own. My trips are never planned  very far in advance: My last trip to Australia was booked on a Saturday, I was on a flight that Wednesday! Then, the following Saturday, I booked a flight to Fiji and was on a flight that next day! (Have I mentioned that I can’t sit still!)

The Lochness Monster?!

After the past few years I started to fall in to a pattern where I would work a few months then travel, work a few months more and then travel some more. Finally I realized why not put my two favorite things together? So in August 2009, I paid for a cameraman friend of mine to come with me to Spain and follow me around for a week and that is when I started making my very own travel TV show called “Travel Yourself”.

My most recent adventure: La Tomatina, Spain, which turned out to be one of the craziest, most amazing things that I have experienced yet in my life.

On the last Wednesday of every August roughly 40,000 people show up in the small town of Buñol 45 minutes out side of Valencia, Spain. At exactly 11:00 am, 10 dump trucks full of tomatoes (spoils from the harvest) are trucked into town and dumped in the streets. For the next hour, it is everyone for herself in the most ridiculous and biggest food fight in the world. This year, I was right in the middle of it, having the time of my life!

I love travel so much—especially solo travel—that I am thrilled to make Travel Yourself and share it with the whole world. I think that for that exact reason combined with my restlessness makes me a Lost Girl…and I’m loving it!

Learn more about Cailin and her travels at www.travelyourself.ca.

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