Jet Set Zero Italy: Week 2 Journal

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The Lost Girls are tagging along (vicariously) with Jet Set Set Zero’s Italy cast. This week, Sarah Bailey fills us in on the girls’ first teaching placements in Roccafranca and Tuscany. Despite exhausting days with their young students, it seems the homemade gelato, countryside cycling trips and weekend getaways to some of the boot’s finest cities are keeping the girls happy.

Read on for a replay of week 2:

After a long week of English tutor orientation in Sanremo, the four of us were eager to move to Roccafranca and start our first full-time teaching assignments.  Courtney and Lynne are ACLE veterans so they knew what to expect, but Perrin and Sarah were newbies and unsure of what lay ahead.  Luckily, we felt at home the second we arrived in the 3,000 person town between Venice and Milan.

Living with Italian Families

One of the best aspects of the ACLE program is that it sets up its tutors with host families in each location.  During week 1 Courtney, Lynne and camera man Bogdan moved into one big room on a farm and woke up to the sounds of chickens and the sight of cornfields every morning.

Perrin moved in with her first Mama Mia, while Sarah bonded immediately with her family. The dad owned a restaurant and stuffed her with homemade gelato and to-die-for dishes like strawberry risotto.  The family also whisked took Sarah off to breathtaking Bergamo at the foot of the Alps.

Biking the Countryside

We all borrowed bikes from our families and explored the countryside on our wheels together after camp – the perfect way to unwind after chasing children around all day.

Our Teaching Job

We survived the first week surprisingly happily.  In a small town it was easy to feel at home fast, and we all bonded tightly with the kids we taught every day.

Courtney and Lynne Head to Tuscany; Perrin and Sarah to Venice

At the end of the week, Courtney and Lynne were sent off to Tuscany for their next assignment while Sarah and Perrin were placed in Roccafranca for a second week. They took advantage of their Northern location and visited touristy Venice for the weekend to try their first canal ride.

Keeping Up With the Cast

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