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A roundup of the most delicious news in the world  United States (belated for the Fourth of July)…

Restaurant Week

New Yorkers aren’t the only city folk enjoying Restaurants Week. From Sunday, July 11 through Saturday, July 24, more than 90 eateries in Providence, Rhode Island are featuring three-course prix fixe lunches (at $12.95) and dinners (at $29.95). And that’s not all, with the famed Johnson & Wales University, Providence has more certified chefs per capita than any other city in the United States. So eat up and enjoy, New England is delicious this time of year: http://www.goprovidence.com/RestaurantWeek/.

Brewing Up Cocktails

Beer drinkers and spirit fans unite during Oregon’s Craft Beer Month. The New School and the experienced bartender/mixologist/writer, Jacob Grier will be hosting a special event on July 17th to expose the magic made when marrying spirits and beer. Click here for more information: http://www.pdxfoodpress.com/2010/07/06/brewing-up-cocktails-saturday-july-17-the-hop-and-vine/

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The Taco Truck

Mexican Chef, Paris Retana, brought street food to a whole new level when he paired it with Jason Scott’s sustainably-responsible vision. Now, the Taco Truck and their team of six are serving up authentic Mexican tacos and more in their first brick-and-mortar restaurant in Hoboken. Opening day is Friday, July 9th, reserve your spot today: http://thetacotruck.com/

Fast Food Meets it’s Match

The so-called birthplace of America’s culinary claim to fame, has put a stop to new fast food establishments. “Health concerns  were a major part of the decision to curb fast-food restaurant growth in Baldwin Park, but city officials also took note of complaints from residents about the traffic snarls created by long lines of cars waiting to get into the drive-through restaurants.”  A Baldwin Park city ordinance has banned new development of drive-throughs in order to rebuild the California town’s reputation.

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Scoops Made with Love

Still dealing with the heat wave? Celebrate National Ice Cream month! County Living magazine provides an easy peasy recipe to make your own homemade batch. All you need is milk, sugar, egg, salt, cream, vanilla, and of course, an ice cream maker. A few extra flavor combinations are included in there too for more delicious fun. Dessert is served: http://www.countryliving.com/recipefinder/vanilla-ice-cream-recipe-clv0610

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