Spa Review: Praba Salon

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As a busy freelancer with no office space, I am always jamming myself into strange positions to type—sitting lotus-like on my couch while hunched over the keys, squeezing into the last seat in crowded coffee shops with my laptop cradled in my lap—and as a result, am usually in need of regular runs to de-stress and un-kink. But in summer, this can lead to another problem—dreaded “backne”—when sports bras and sweat create a yucky build-up of dirt and oil.

So when I when I heard about Praba Salon’s back facial special going on through Tuesday at, I was thrilled. For $25, you can de-stress with a relaxing massage and solve backne issues that seem synonymous with summertime.

Praba Salon, on 1794 Third Avenue, is more of an Indian salon than a spa, specializing in treatments such as threading, henna conditioning and tattooing and waxing, but it also offers facials and massages in the downstairs treatment area. While the decor is pretty humble, the treatments feel authentically Indian.

When I arrive, I’m led downstairs into an area surrounded by billowy silk fabric and sounds of Buddhist chants, where I disrobe and prepare for the treatment by laying face down on one of the two massage tables. Naaz, a young woman from Southeastern part of India, first gently massages my back with oil with a medium-amount of force, rolling her hands smoothly over any areas of tension, perfect for helping get to a zen-like beta state.

Next, she loosens up any dirt and oil using scrubbing gloves and a lotion from Christine Valmy, an all-natural and plant-based line. Then after a dry brushing, a toner is applied, then steam to release white and black heads. After extraction is done (in my case, to remove dead skin from sun damage—oops), a mask is applied depending on skin type (for me, Naaz chose a peppermint and aloe-based type for meant for soothing damaged skin). Naaz left me to relax in the dark with the mask for a good 20 minutes, then finished the treatment by wiping me down and applying a light moisturizer.

Once done, I felt calmer and in a weird way, more compassionate toward myself. While my face is an area I’m constantly treating, I have to say it’s nice to pay a little attention to my back for once—I owe it some love after what I put it through every day. And for only $25, it’s not much of a sacrifice.

Visit to purchase this deal at Praba Salon, now through Tuesday.

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